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Traditional Schooling Is More Beneficial

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Traditional Schooling is More Beneficial Traditonal schooling is when you attend a formal class room setting. As you all know, technology is rapidly growing throughout the world. Everyday you are associated with a form of technology and it is becoming more predominant in your lives. Now, online classes are an option. This advancement changes the ways and motivation of learning. Students no longer have to "go" to class; they can get online at home, a cafe, or anywhere else that provides internet access. Online classes may seem more convenient, but traditional learning is more beneficial. Many people argue that online learning is just as beneficial as traditional learning, if not more. Online learning allows you to have access to your classes where ever you go. You can go on vacation, or simply out to lunch and carry your classes with you. This is also helpful for you if you work or have kids. Not only is it nice to always have the classes available, you can also view the lesson or lecture as needed. In traditional school you do not have that opportunity unless you video record or tape the class. You still have a deadline to complete the class, but you can work at your own pace and when you have the time. Online classes also offer the opportunity to learn from professors around the world. This allows you to learn about other cultures. Since technology is changing so rapidly, the option of taking online classes will assist you "keeping up" with technology. The professors are reachable through online chat, email, discussion thread, without having to wait for office hours. Your schedule may not match with the professor's if you wanted to visit in office hours. Another benefit of online classes would be the resources you have at hand. If you are having trouble with an assignment, you have the most common source of reference right at your hands. There are many benefits to online learning, but some feel they do not override the benefits of traditional learning. Traditional learning in a class room or at home is what we all know. Its benefits outweigh those of online learning. When you attend class, you get that "hands-on" interaction that you do not recieve with online learning. Because the world is socially demanding, traditional learning will prepare you for this in your future. You "test" yourself to see if you work more efficiently alone, or in a group. Having this interaction with others will allow you to think in different ways. Most people have a "one-track-mind", but if you are communicating with other individuals every day your mind may start to evolve cognitively. In the class room learning is more beneficial because if you have any questions during your assignments you have an instructor there to guide you thorugh it. With online classes, you do not have the chance for a "face-to-face" conversation with your insructor, you mot likely will not know your instructor. Since technology is growing, class rooms have been getting computers or ipads. This gives you the opportunity to check or research your work right in class. You may not get to work at your own pace, but you will be guided throughout the length of the course. In traditional learning, while you are in lecture you can give your ideas.

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