Traffic Jam

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Term Paper on Traffic Jam in Bangladesh



Traffic Jam in Dhaka City

Prepared For
Mohd. H.R. Joarder
United International University

Prepared By
MD. Aminul Islam
Ariful islam
MD. Mesbahuddin
Shahanaz Parvin Mou
Jeenniifeerr Islam
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May 5, 2012

Mohd. H.R. Joarder
School of Business Administration
United International University

Dear Sir,

It is a great pleasure for us to submit our Term papers on “Traffic Jam in Dhaka city”.
It is a great opportunity for us to implement the knowledge that we have learned in our
academic career to work a Term papers on “Traffic Jam in Dhaka city”. We try our level best
to make this Term papers to the required standard. We hope that this report will fulfill your expectation.

We therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to go through this report for evaluation

Sincerely yours

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MD. Aminul Islam Ariful Islam Shahanaz Parvin Mou

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Jennifer Islam MD. Mesbah Uddin

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We are the students of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), at the UIU-United International University and declaring that, this Term paper on the topic “Traffic Jam in Dhaka city” has only been prepared for the fulfillment of the course of MGT-1205 (Introduction to Business) as the partial requirement of Business courses.…...