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Training and Employees Performance

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The Effects of Training On Employee Performance A Case Study on 2 Small Organizations in Jordan
Aburamadan J. Al-Odat J.

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of employee training on employee performance in small organizations. The study seeks to focus on the employee training-performance relationship. Design/Methodology: A literature review on employee training and employee performance provides the basis for the research model and hypotheses. A self-completion questionnaire survey, involving 96 respondents from two small organizations was used to gather data. Findings: Findings indicate a positive relationship between training and employee performance. Also the findings show a lack of training in employees in these 2 small organizations. Research limitations/implications: The sample was limited to two organizations in Jordan. It may not be appropriate to generalize the findings across other populations or settings, lack in budget and time. Article Type: Research paper Keyword(s): Small Organizations; Employee Training; Employee Performance.

In this part of the research, we will show what variables are involved in the research, what our hypothesis, and a model to show the relationship between the variables. A- The Variables This research will discuss 2 main variables which are: 1- Employee Training & Development, which is recognized as an independent variable since it is the variable which affects performance. 2- Employee Performance, which is recognized as a dependant variable due to how it is affected by Employee Training & Development. B- Our Hypothesis Our hypothesis based on the above mentioned variables will be as follows: There is a strong positive relationship between Employee Training, and Employee Performance in Small Organizations in Jordan. C- The Model The following model should clarify...

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