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Training and Mentoring Program

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Development of Training, Mentoring, and Coaching Program
Human Capital Management 531

Training and coaching of employees is an integral part of a business organization. Employers may use training programs to help their personnel acquire knowledge and skills as well as improving their performance. Through the development of a training program organizations can empower their employees increasing their expertise, thus expanding their productivity and efficiency. This can have cost-effective results in the company because of the subsequent progress in production and service that a well-trained employee can bring to an organization. The continuous changes in the business world and the competition force companies to modify and reinvent their business strategies. Part of these strategies involves providing their employees with the necessary resources and tools that will allow them to keep pace with the changes in the business world. As Cascio (2005)states “the organization is responsible for providing an atmosphere that will support and encourage development, and the individual is responsible for deriving maximum benefit from the learning opportunities provided. This may involve the acquisition of new information, skills, attitudes, or patterns of social behavior through training and development” (p. 288)
In addition to training and developing their employees’ skills, managers may use coaching and mentoring to also improve their productivity. Coaching and mentoring motivate and even inspire the employees by providing them with the opportunity to question, learn, explore, and apply knowledge. “Mentoring is an approach to advising, coaching, and nurturing, for creating a practical relationship to enhance individual career, personal, and professional growth and development. It focuses on skills to develop protégés to perform to their highest potential,...

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