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Preparing ... Sales Staff to Promote Repackages Lines of Coppertone

This essay will outline how ... (...) can successfully prepare its sales staff to promote repackaged lines of its Coppertone products. The identification of ...’s business strategy and the general training implications that result, has provided a general framework for the discussion of designing, developing and evaluating of an effective training session for the staff.
1.1 Business Strategy and Training Implications
... has decided to increase its product line by developing pocket-sized sticks and sprays of sunblock after conducting market research indicated that consumers were looking for a daily sunblock product. Managers have reasoned that ...’s that this move will result in a significant market expansion. ... is currently adopting an internal growth strategic direction. Organisational objectives outlined above, point toward an internal growth strategic direction. Firstly as ... wishes to increase product lines and expand its market, this points to a focus on product and market development as well as the marketing of an existing product. Innovation is achieved through the modifying the size of its existing sunblock for the convenience of consumers.
In order for the sales force to be prepared to promote the new lines, this strategy has several training implications (Noe 2010). Market research has revealed an increased awareness of the dangers of sunburn. A fundamental element of this strategy is to ensure employees know and can express the value of the product through high-quality communication. Training and development in an organisational culture that values creative thinking and analysis will form a strong link between the organisational objectives and how the sales employees promote the product. In addition, an innovation driven culture can be established through this...

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