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Transact Insurance Corporation

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COMM105 – Individual Assignment # 1

Building on assignment # 1, the purpose of this assignment is to help each of you deepen your understanding of how various organizational behaviours, particularly those at the individual and group/team level, affect and are affected by organizational culture and organizational change. Although it is an individual assignment in terms of the core work, it expands into a group project as you each share what you discover and learn with your project team in relation to Team Project # 2.
Assignment Objectives: * Explore a particular aspect of organizational behaviour. * Explain the interrelationships between these aspects of OB and organizational culture and organizational change. * Assess how the OB factors you have studied might have been at play in the Transact Insurance Corporation as described in the case study. * Develop a basic plan to show how Jim Leon might have used strengths-based approaches to change leadership to generate better outcomes.

Although this is an individual assignment, you are welcome, indeed encouraged, to collaborate with your team mates as you explore your assigned topics and find common themes and patterns in the various OB topics explored by the group. You will use your collective learning to develop your Team Project 2 presentation and recommendations.

Each team member will explore one of the following six topics. Determine early who is going to research which topic.

1. Individual Behaviour, Personality, Values (Chapter 2) 2. Perception and learning (Chapter 3) 3. Emotions, Attitudes, Stress (Chapter 4) 4. Motivation (Chapter 5) 5. Team Dynamics (Chapter 7) 6. Communication (Chapter 9)

Note 1: If you have a 5 member team, do not do topic 3 (Chapter 4).
Note 2: For the 7-member team, 2 people take topic 6 – Communications. This is a critical...

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