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Transferable Skills

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Transferable Skills Self-Reflection Paper
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Developing transferable skills is essential in the contemporary economy. Due to the changing market demands, it is worthwhile for an individual to learn and develop skills needed in one place, as well as skills that can be used in another situation. Even in the job market, it is required that an employee should be in a position to perform several tasks at work, rather than been over-specialized, incapacitating one for performing a task outside the normal routine.
In line with the concept of transferable skills, learners are encouraged to develop some generic skills or soft skills, such that they are able to do more in the economy. There are challenges in the economy that are associated with professionals who are over-specialized, and possess no transferable skill. The current essay discusses the concept of transferable skills, a self-reflection essay.
Transferable Skills Self-Reflection Shum & Crick (2012) reported that competence entails a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes, values as well as desires. These enables complete actions of the human person in the world today. As such, the learning a skillful workforce should be in a position to manage the tension that exists in the work environment, in regards to continuity and innovation. This is characterized by effective adaptability to technological changes, dealing with the diversity of the tasks arising in the economy as well as searching and sustaining the links with the community. In addition, an advanced learner engagement is critical in the 21st century, so as to enhance a conversion process between the theoretical academic perceptions towards the skills learned in class to the real life situations. According to Quinton & Smallbone (2010) ability of an individual to reflect as well as analyze...

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