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In this writing exercise I will explain the transformational change. The transformational change as described in the book is when learning resulting from a significant experience that may be renewing where the outcome can be far-reaching. This cycle moves through the stages of noticing a particular problem. Once you recognize this problem you must confront it intensely, integrate a new perspective, and find a solution. You must also set new assumptions.
When dealing with the transformational change, it requires an awful amount of reflection. This process can be stressful, and painful. Transformation can separate life into distinct before & after realities as mentioned in the textbook. In my life I’ve had my own transformational learning experience. This experience came when I had to prepare myself for motherhood when I was really just beginning to enjoy my college years. I had to realize that I couldn’t go out and party anymore but I instead had to prepare to be a great role model for my child. This was a present transformational experience for me. In the past a transformational change for me would have to be preparing for high school graduation. During this time I felt as if I had to grow up, and stop being immature. It was time for me to prepare for the real world, and all the responsibilities that comes with it.
In chapter 5, I also read about Jack Mezirow’s seven phases. The one I would say I use would have to be self-examination. I chose this phase because in order to prepare myself for motherhood I had to examine myself as a person, and evaluate all the things I had to do mentally, physically, and emotionally to prepare myself for this big step. I experience this step & I must say it helped me to prepare for motherhood the best way I could…...