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Transformers Philosophies

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Primus (God) , Unicron(Devil) aka Robot Satan. the Story of God and evil is a eternal one we all know this to be the case. But none would have figured to have look deeply into the transformers. These two powers are much like God and Satan deny it if you want but the fact is Primus Gave his life to bring life to the Cybertronians that goes to show he treasured life unlike his counterpart who seeked to destroy everything in his path. For mere pleasure all he cared about what how to bring chaos to everything and destroy the cosmos with a flick of a finger but before doing so he would try to destroy the sons of his arch nemesis primus but the shear numbers and hope they had in preserving there home was enough to cast unicron out. Now this goes to show that under dying circumstances if a race can ban together to end a bigger threat for the safety of there home. Then why couldn't we ban together at this rate we are the bringers of chaos. With all of humanity's poisons we have created our home maybe on the verge of dying we are a young species with much to learn so right now we have the time to reverse our effects but we are simply to stubborn to do so because of the way we all live right now if we decided to make this step to fixing our home the first couple of generations would be living in poverty and etc. but that is only a small price to pay. For the longevity of our home.

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