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Transgeneder Between Boys and Girls

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Vanessa Smith
Professor James Williamson
6 April 2013 Transgender between Boys and Girls
While researching articles and sources about transgender between boys and girls, I found several articles and authors who published books about the topic that I felt to be interested in reading and researching. (Transgender is a global term that encompasses, cross dressers, transsexuals, and transgenderists). However, when taken to mean transgressively gendered, and transgender can be seen as encompassing anyone who feels uncomfortable with, dislikes, or resists John Wayne/Marilyn Monroe gender stereotypes). In growing up in the state of Tennessee I was very young but knew of girls my aged that did not like to play with dolls or do girly things. I often notice with this girl named Lillian which is my best friend as of today she liked everything little boys like to do. For an example watching her play boys sport like football, basketball, playing marbles on the ground with boys to me that wasn’t what girls would participate in. On the other hand I did not understand why she was different that all the rest. It was until I invited her to go the church with me and she answered me with reply of no. I asked her why and she stated she doesn’t wear dresses she only prefer pants. In this interpretation, there is good evidence that the intangible feeling we have of being male or female is actually far less susceptible to hormonal influences than either our sexual orientation or our outward style of behavior. The condition, known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia, may make them more tomboyish but it doesn't make them feel male. In reading an article
"All of them have a shift towards masculine behaviors’," says (Bill Reiner, a psychiatrist) and urological surgeon at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Maryland, "and the incidence of homosexuality is definitely

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