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Transition to College Being nervous about the first day of college was definitely how I felt before starting. I knew that I was walking onto a campus more than four times the size as my high school and I was scared about getting lost. Luckily on the first day I was able to locate all of my classes because I had my little map out but that first week I made it late to one or two classes because I could not find how to get to a certain building that was off campus. Having a class that was actually off campus was something I did not realize could be possible but fortunately enough it is. As a commuter I could say that the college life is a lot more fun in high school because in a way you have more freedom but one could have the total freedom if they were able to dorm. Commuting almost an hour away every day is a pain in the butt, but the fact that I don’t have classes on Friday definitely makes up for it for me! They say that as life goes on you move on to bigger and better things. That is definitely true especially when it comes to school but you also move on to harder things as well. When people say that college is not easy they definitely mean it. My first semester as a freshman has not been quite too easy. Sometimes you get assigned a lot of work but then again compared to high school; you have more time to work on those assignments since you are not in school for the entire day. These are the times when I am definitely going to miss high school and I am only going to miss is more as time goes by because it does not get any easier from here. I could say that the toughest of times in college or when you have midterms and finals because it is one week of full out studying for every class since most professors give out their midterms and finals around the same time. This is the point I am currently at now and so my studying adventure begins once more. Classes in...

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Transition from Military to Civilian Life for everyone, for some it can be quite overwhelming to overcome the obstacles set out in the path to success. My decision to return now at this time of my life., changing old studying and work habits., and Transitioning from Battlefield to classroom., are my set of challenging obstacles. Each of these challenges plays a major role in my road to a college degree. Failure to overcome these obstacles will only make the whole experience that more challenging and pain full, and with the pressure of returning now, pain full isn’t what I need. First, my decision to return now at this time of my life sets out a challenge. It has been five years since I’ve stepped into a classroom and from what I last remember I wasn’t very good at it back then. The average college freshmen ranges usually from 18-19 years of age, I am 25 returning to college. At my age I have more responsibilities, I’m married, I have a family to support, and a full-time occupation to attend. Unlike the average college student who balances partying and studying, I Balance 40 hours of work per week, a wife at home and the pursuit to maintaining passing grades in college courses. My responsibilities have their share of weight on my chest, but they also motivate me more to not accept failure. Additionally, changing old studying and work habits is imperative to my success. I remember from my grade school days procrastination poor work habits and lack of effort were the contributing factors to many failed......

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