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Translational Research for Practice and Populations

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Translational Research for Practice and Populations

In 2009 unspecified electronic survey was conducted with factors such as type, frequency, perpetrators, and professional/personal concerns on bullying identified (Quine, 2001). The results revealed that out of 330 RN respondents, 72% reported positive to bullying at various occasions in line of their career. Of this segment, clear hostility seemed most frequent in surgical/medical, operational rooms, emergency, obstetrical areas of care and adolescent residential behavioral/ mental health units. The main culprits to these act are non-other than; charge nurses, senior nurses, physicians and nurse managers. This is impartial research among others that have been carried in the United States in relation to nursing careers. Indeed, bullying in nursing profession is stirring at alarming rate that should be moderated through implementation of a number of rules and procedures.
The act ought to be rectified since allowing bullying in a nursing environment does not only damage interpersonal relationship in a healthcare facility, but also has devastating effect to the whole group, the patient quality of care, overall financial loss, and give a bad image to the workplace (Quine, 2001). Consistent bullying, affects a nurse physically with chronic health conditions, psychological depression which ultimately lowers his or her occupational performance capacity. These conditions eventually led to increased rate of sickness occurrences, inadequate staffing and poor job performance. Very few nurses can accept bullying at work. It is evident that female nurses are more at risk since bullies target them as they are perceived to be powerless and conquered by physicians, senior nurses, and administration. In most cases, bullying is done by the superior against a subordinate. Creating awareness in regard to...

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