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Trap Ease America

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Ronald Mistica Paredes
132-C V. Cruz St. Malibay, Pasay City,
Philippines, 1300
Phone No.: (63) 910-8011
Mobile No.: (63921) 285-4468
Email Add:


Permanent Address : 132-C V. Cruz St. Malibay, Pasay City, Philippines, 1300
Birthdate : October 28, 1978
Birth Place : Pasay City, Manila
Height : 5’5 ft.
Weight : 120 lbs.
Sex : Male
Civil Status : Married
Religion : Roman Catholic
Nationality : Filipino


Beneficiary Name : Paredes, Kathy Llorente
Relationship : Spouse
Permanent Address : 132-C V. Cruz St. Malibay, Pasay City, Philippines 1300
Tel. No. : (63) 918-8012


Paredes, Rowena Llorente Birthday: August 14, 1985 Birth Place: Bascaran Daraga Albay Civil Status: Single Occupation: Student

Paredes, Leo Llorente Birthday: January 14, 1980 Birth Place: Bascaran Daraga Albay Civil Status: Single Occupation: Mechanical Engineer


Father: Paredes, Alberto Mistica Birthday: August 14, 1960 Birth Place: Bascaran Daraga Albay Occupation: Carpenter

Mother: Paredes, Rowena Mistica Birthday: June 15, 1960 Birth Place: Bascaran Daraga Albay Occupation: Housewife


Brother: Paredes, Dennis Mistica Birthday: September 11, 1980 Birth Place: Bascaran Daraga Albay Civil Status: Single Occupation: Student

Sister: Paredes, Dianne Domingo Birthday: November 29, 1990 Birth Place: Bascaran Daraga Albay Civil Status: Single Occupation: Student


Elementary Year [From] - [To]...

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...Trap Ease Case Study 1. Martha and the investors in the Trap Ease seem to face a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” What information do they need to evaluate this opportunity? How do you think the investor group would write the mission statement? How would you write it? Trap Ease America has obtained worldwide rights to market an innovative mousetrap which had won the title of “best new product” at a National Hardware Show in Chicago. In order to evaluate this once in a lifetime opportunity the investors at Trap- Ease need to understand the market place in which they will be operating in terms of customer needs, customer wants and demands in order to create value for customers and build a strong customer relationship to capture value from their potential customers in return. This will help Trap Ease to identify who will be the best target market for their product and what would be the best market offering, how your target market makes purchasing decisions, how your competition positions their products and what your product has to offer. B) I think that the investor group would write a product oriented mission statement stating the product that they offer for example “ we sell an innovate mousetraps” where as I would write a market oriented mission statement geared towards satisfying the customer basic needs. 2. How is the product positioned relative to the selected target market in the case? Are there other ways to position the product? Trap –Ease America’s......

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