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Trap-Ease mouse traps have huge potential, but it is a question mark when referring to the Growth Share Matrix. In my opinion it has a high market growth rate, or attractiveness to the market, but right now its strengths is not there, referring to it relative market share. This idea of a mouse trap that can catch mice and not make a mess and is easy to set up is attractive to everyone. While the case states that women are the target market, I feel that men can like this product as well. The trick is marketing it the right way. It seems that the major problem is a huge lack in advertising. The cases states that she is very successful at the National Hardware Show in Chicago, but its seems that nobody cares that Trap-Ease mouse traps won the Best New Product Award or that it got good press from the show. What Martha House needs to do is go back to the drawing board and stop investing so much of her budget in these stupid hardware shows. She even says it doesn’t help her much. It’s probably because nobody cares about a hardware show. Before reading this case I didn’t even know that they had hardware shows. So you need a way to connect to people other than just going to hardware shows, where the only people that are going to be there are people who are enthusiast in hardware, which I assume is a very small percentage of people who buy these mouse traps. The case mentions how she wants to target women, since consumers like less of a mess and is easy to set up. Do you think women are going to be a Hardware shows? I feel her whole marketing strategy is not thought threw well enough. Why doesn’t she spend more money on ads? I don’t understand how she can only spend $10,000 on Advertisements and $60,000 on travel cost to these hardware shows that nobody cares about. Her concern is that the mouse traps were being used as conversation pieces and seen more as novelties...

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