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Trapped in Chilean

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Trapped Chilean Miners
D. Williams

When handling a fickle audience one needs to consider how much information that needs to be divulged. One should tell them only pertinent information that would put to ease any worries or concerns. After the collapse of the Chilean mine, you want to keep the families updated on their family members trapped and try a keep them optimistic of the outcome. When dealing with people of different ethnicities and language barriers, one would need to express empathy and great care handling the information. Under no circumstances should the complexity of the situation be expressed to the family, friends or employees of this accident.
Now there is some major dissention when it comes to how information is portrayed when considering the audience. Often times, when relaying despairing information to the mass we tend to leave out details to spare the faint of heart and discourage panic. After the collapse of the mine, the miners families and employee’s wanted to know what steps the company was going to take to remedy this situation, how long it would take to retrieve the trapped miners and how soon after could the workers could come home.
After reading this article written by Juan Weik, the communication stated nothing but the facts. The communication warranted enough information to let the worried families know what had happened, what was being accomplished, and that investigations were being carried out to gather more information. Weik did not express anything more or less regarding the trapped miners, he expressed the basics, what attempts were being made to secure the trapped miners, no further communications had been attempted with the trapped miners, and that an investigation will proceed into the company that owned the mine.

Upon reading another article reporting the incident, reports reveal...

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