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As the prison door slammed shut and David was confined to his cell for the rest of his life, he still did not understand what he did to deserve this.
As he fell to his knees, his heart smashed like glass, he could not bear to see them walk away from him.
“Don’t leave like this” he screamed from the bottom of his lungs. His wife was leaving him for another man, as she got their daughter in to the car she looked at him and mimed with her lips.
“this is the way it has to be” there was nothing David could do he had pleaded and begged for Jessica to stay, Jessica had left and had taken Louise with her, his only child. David slammed the door behind him with all of his force. David did not know what to do or how to get them back. He swung round and punched the wall leaving a hole as deep as a cave. He was so angry he was like a tsunami destroying everything in his path. David did not know how to cope with being sad so he became angry but then he didn’t know how to deal with anger so he would hurt someone or himself or destroy things. David did not know what to do over the next few days so he kept himself busy he fixed the cave he had left in the wall and he had left thousands of voicemails on Jessica’s phone asking what he had done wrong and how he can fix it. Little did he know at the moment he was leaving the voicemails telling Jessica how much he loved her she was already living with her new boyfriend Blair, playing happy family’s with Louise. Jessica had been seeing Blair for a long time now and she had this break up planned, David had stopped showing Jessica affection so she found it elsewhere with Blair. David had just finished fixing the wall when he sat down on the sofa staring at his phone waiting for Jessica to call him saying she was wrong for leaving him. the phone rang and David thought it was the phone call that was going to reunite him with his family, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. It was Louise’s school; David mad the ten minute journey to Louise’s school to explain to them what had happened with Jessica and Louise. When he walked in to the office his eyes landed on the teacher sitting there and his heart started glowing like a firefly.
“Jessica, you came back?” the teacher’s face was stunned with confusion.
David left the school with his mind racing what should he do? How can he fix this? He was at home pacing in the front room then BANG, BANG, BANG! Someone was banging on the door but David had only just realised the someone was there, how long had they been there? David opened the door and it was Danielle Louise’s teacher.
“I have been knocking for ages are you ok?” she asked with a sincere voice. David latched on to her arm with an ever tightening grip whist saying,
“you will never leave me again Jessica do you hear me?” the anger made his voice tremble. Danielle was terrified she didn’t know what was happening.
“I am not Jessica, I am Danielle I don’t know who you think I am!” her tears started falling down her face and off her nose as David dragged her through the front room like a ragdoll, he dragged her down the stairs and in to the basement with her feet banging on every step as she was struggling to get to her feet.
He threw her against the wall with her head smashing against the wall it made a terrible bang. David tied Danielle’s wrists and ankles together with cable ties, they were so tight they broke her skin instantly. He covered her mouth with duct tape so no one could hear her when she screamed. Danielle’s tears were still flowing and her eyes were wide with fear. David had a worried look on his face, what was he going to do now? Then all off a sudden with fast reactions David grabbed some planks of wood, a box of nails and a hammer and he just started banging nails in to wood in till he had built a crate big enough for a human. He was acting like a maniac, fast movements and his eyes were wide open as he concentrated on what he was doing. Danielle was trying her hardest to scream but no noise was coming out she was trying so hard her throat had become parched from it. David grabbed her arm and threw her in the crate and locked her in it, cutting the ties through the gaps. David walked up the stairs and left her there. Danielle’s wind was like a whirlwind with fear but she had to think of a way out, it was obvious there was no way she could force the crate open she was only small, so she had to gain David’s trust so he would let her out. So when David wanted her to go by the name Jessica she did, she pretended to be David’s wife and to be sorry for what Jessica did to him, she would say
“I love you and I am sorry for what I did” every day multiple times a day. After a few weeks of her pretending to be Jessica, David decided to let her out of the crate and in to the house as long as she agreed to not try and leave the house. That was a promise Danielle made knowing she was not going to keep it. Danielle spent the next couple of days being in the house and doing everything a housewife should to gain David’s trust. The sixth week had gone be and the day had come for the perfect escape. David had gone to the shops but forgot to check the upstairs windows to see if they were locked before he had left. To Danielle’s advantage one of the upstairs windows was open. She went upstairs to jump from the window there was nothing there to land on but she was willing to take the risk. She leaped from the window hitting the floor with almighty force she heard a crack knowing full well she had broken her leg but she wasn’t going to give up now. She started crawling to the neighbor’s house when she got there she banged on the door with the last bit of strength she had in her the door was shaking she was hitting it so hard. The old lady opened the door she had white hair in the style of a bob and was wearing a flowing yellow dress, the look of horror hit the women’s face as she looked at Danielle she lent down scooped her in her arms and said
“let’s get you inside!” as she placed Danielle on the sofa Danielle begged to call the police. The elderly lady passed her the phone and she dialed 999.

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