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Biology – SCIE206 by AIU Online May 3, 2014

UNIT 1 IP Introduction During the winter season salt is spread onto the driveway and streets to melt the snow. In the springtime, when the lawn begins to grow, there is no growing of grass for about three inches from the driveway. The grass where the salt was not placed has normal growth as usual. Furthermore, the grass seems to be growing more slowly about one inch from the driveway. This paper will explain the reason why the grass is not growing back the same. This paper will examine how salt reacts with grass. Hypothesis The chemicals that makeup the salt that is used to melt the snow during the winter season is believed to inhibit the growth of grass in the spring. Prediction Grass will not grow where there is a high concentration of salt in the soil. Controlled Experiment Find an area that’s contains healthy green grass. Place a border around a small section of that area securing it from the rest of the grass. It would be better to cut away two sections of the area. Make sure both section are identical in size. In one section 250ml of salt will be use and in the other section 500ml of salt will be used. Add the different liters of salt measurements to each section. Wait ten to twenty days. Record the information and compare the different between the 250ml and the 500ml of salt. Results The grass from both controlled areas still grew but they grew significantly slower than the normal grass. The grass started to loose color. The area with the most salt grew even thinner and slower. When salt in the soil dissolves, it separates into sodium and chloride ions (Xynth, 2014). The ions act differently to damage the tree. In early spring, the chloride ions...

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