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Travel as Medicine

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The serenity of Caribbean waters or the rich culture of European countries all take me to a place far from the monotonous day to day routine of life. The mere thought of getting away from it all immediately brings calmness to my spirit and a recharge to my battery. Travel carries a universal theme of being therapeutic and has often been noted as one of the best forms of medicine. Therapy is played out by the simple idea of being in a place outside the norm, taking time to rejuvenate with rest and relaxation and creating lasting memories to draw from for those times when travel is needed but not warranted. These are instances where getting away may not be conducive to a persons schedule or budget and memories then become priceless commodities that can be pulled out at any given time. There are millions of places to travel to nationwide and abroad. Tourists are constantly seeking new beaches, museums, national parks and places that allow them to see and visit sites outside of their normal cities. Frequent travelers often take trips seasonally, annually or at will if money is no issue. However, the average consumer may simply look for outlets to relieve stress and places that allow them to do so. Taking a vacation does not necessarily have to constitute flying clear across the country just to get away. Going to a place that you have never visited before could be medicinal therapy in and of itself if it allows a break in routine. Rest and relaxation are two of the most underrated necessities of life. Although their not the same as needing air to breathe or food to nourish, they are just as important in terms of functioning in optimal health. Traveling often affords people the opportunity to rest and relax because they are not worried about having to pick up the kids or clean the house or all of the tasks that usually take place at home. Travel then becomes therapy because it puts you in an R&R state of mind. The flip side to taking time off and allowing yourself to rejuvenate is that it can be hard to get back in the swing of things. Once the vacation is over, people often say that they need a vacation from their vacation. Time spent on vacation and travels with the people that have importance in your life is priceless. The saying that “pictures are worth a thousand words,” has so much truth in it because it embodies memories that are irreplaceable with time that we can never get back. There is nothing more fulfilling than looking back at the fun and meaningful time spent with the ones we love. People move away, time passes away, kids grow up but pictures are the true essence of all that we represent in the moment. Sometimes, happy moments help us get through sad ones, loving memories help us cope with the painful ones and our travels are all that we can hold on to for that sense of healing. When schedules and budgets don’t allow us to get away, memories are always within us. Ultimately, a break in the norm mixed with rest and relaxation that creates a few good memories is therapy for the physical and mental state of mind. There are no side effects, no reactions to drugs and no doctors to see. A plane ticket, bus ride or simple hop in the car with a suitcase and a camera can be prescribed at the drop of a dime. Traveling not only opens the doors for new life experiences but it exposes our senses to the things that matter most. When traveling allows us to take care of ones self and take time with ones self, that is medicine in its purest form.

Short Draft
5 paragraph essay
Travel can be the best medicine – thesis / intro outline of essay
P1 topic support – outside the norm – new sites travel vs. vacation – explain / elaborate
P2 topic support rejuvenation
P3 topic support memories budget schedule
Conclusion, reiterate thesis 600 word

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