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Travelagency Hr Plan

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Travel Agency HR Plan

HRM/ 552

August 25, 2014

Functions and Challenges The first challenge would be to make sure that that the whole HR department was on board with the mission and the function of the company. This will help ensure that the company and all the workers will be trained in the appropriate way as that the whole HR department knows that is going on and what their rolls are. The second challenge would be to find someone that would be the correct fit to help in the recruitment of the other 50 employees that the company in needing to hire. This new HR will help lay out the job description for each new hire. Another challenge would be to filter out the best candidates for the job, and properly train then at the job that they need to do.
Effects on Senior Management The senior manager if effect by the fact that they are all getting on one page about the companies mission and the functions. Although most of them might know them they may not know how to implicate them or may be doing in wrong or in the wrong way. First the strategy will go from the top down. Meaning that the top management will be trained at first. After they are aware of the company’s policies then they can start training the managers under then and so on. When everyone is properly trained then that would be the best time to hire new people. This way the HR department knows that everyone will be on the same track.
Methods for hiring. The best way to get the news out there that the company is hiring would be to put an ad in the newspaper as well as update our social media pages about the upcoming hiring spree. In the ad it would be best to put the job description as well as the job requirements. This might help weed out a few that are not exactly qualified for the job. Once the application come in the two HR managers that are hiring can go through the apps...

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