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Marketing plan

Direct mail:

Internet: Facebook, twitter. These sites are free and we going to use this pages to promote the beauty salon. People can like us on Facebook and then give their opinion. Also they can give us feedback and we will respond to this. We also put pictures on the website to attract people. On twitter we will also put pictures and comments. Like where the bus is on that moment. So we are easy to find then.

Telephone sale: 0336 60 34 42 83

Advertising: Word of mouth

Publications: Every time that we move from place, we put a message on twitter and Facebook so people can check where we are. We also let the costumers know how long we stay at that place. Signposting: We share our location by Facebook and Twitter.

Presentation material: loyalty cards.

Annual costs for marketing:
Application: 350eurs
Set up internet site: €1.500,-

Loyalty card: €120
Total: 1970

Contact persons:
Name/s of owner:

Name/s of owner

Name/s of owner
Address :
Telephone :

Action plan:

* Openings week * A week with promotion , * Update our social media two times a day * Every week a special week menu * Facebook action, * Everyone who is referring to an other client gets a loyalty card for free * Give special discounts for events like valentine’s day ( because they go out for this special night)

Management & organisation

Name of business/address/phone no/ fax/ e-mail/ web

Legal status of business: SARL


Bank: Cetelem


Business policies:
Price policy:

Hygiene and Dress
Any employee, must be told to take their personal hygiene and cleanliness very seriously.

Schedule * Each employee is responsible for knowing and adhering to the precise times…...

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