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Generic Rules

All artefacts belong to the meta and not to their current holders or the ones that cleared it. Therefore any of the artefacts might be moved at any time during the server if the meta leadership orders it. In most situations artifact movement will be performed based on the rules mentioned below for each specific artefact. Keep in mind these are general guidelines and in the end it is the metas’ duty to decide in case of disputes or urgent needs.

Most of the artefacts will be given to accounts that can use them best in most situations, and always for the benefit of the alliance. Artefact holders must always use the artefacts for the benefit of the meta, whenever possible.

Priority to the usage of artefacts will be given to people owning large accounts, having exceptionally high production, ability to spend gold and are very active. This is very important in order to make sure that the maximum amount of accounts among the meta will get to reap the benefits.

Priority to the usage of artefacts will be given to people that are always willing to help others, participate in alliance operations both offensively and defensively and generally contribute to the team effort.

Please understand that not everyone can have the artefacts whenever they need them. The artefacts are limited and there must be an order in which people receive them. Communicating to the artefact managers early what artefacts you need and when, will increase the chances you will get them in time. Whining and crying that you deserve the artifact before person X or Y will severely decrease the chances that you get them.

When getting an artefact you are also getting the responsibility to guard it. This means that while having an artefact you are expected to be online often (or arrange for sitters), check for incoming attacks, immediately notify meta leaders or DCs as soon as an incoming attack appears and finally host and feed a sufficient number of defensive troops to discourage sudden attacks from smaller enemies.

The meta leadership reserves the right to appoint a temporary sitter for your account while you hold any artefact. The sitter will ensure that the artefact will be used correctly and be protected against attacks. Refusal to set up a temporary sitter may make you ineligible to hold artefacts in general.

Specific Artefacts distribution rules

Storage artefacts

Storage artefacts are necessary to increase cropland levels at capitals beyond a point. They are also helpful to manage very large crop deficits in hammer villages later on. In order to facilitate warehouse/granaries building for as many people as possible the following rules will apply:

Priority for this artefact will be given to people with highest level capital croplands. If your croplands are getting to 16 or higher soon, notify the artefact managers.
As long as everyone has enough storage to move on their economy, warehouse artefacts will be given to people that need it to build granaries in their hammer villages

Storage artefacts must be moved around fast. Therefore priority will be given to people that can use gold to complete the buildings fast and farm the resources required to do so as soon as possible.

A chiefable village will be setup for at least one of the large storage artefacts initially and probably more later. Please make sure to contact artefact manager in time in order to be prepared with chiefs and culture points.

Trainer artefacts

Trainer artefacts will be distributed among hammer builders to ensure our armies

are as large as possible. For best usage of these artefacts the following general rules will apply:

Priority for this artefact will be given to people that have the ability to put the largest queues in the least amount of time. This means large accounts and exceptional farmers will get to use these first.

A chiefable village will be setup for the unique trainers artefact, to utilize it best. Later on chiefable villages may be setup for large trainers artefacts as well. Due to the importance of the unique trainers artefact for the meta, a leadership appointed sitter is mandatory for the people holding this artefact.

Diet artefacts

Small diet artefacts will be distributed among people that hold the largest amounts of troops.

The holders of small diet artefacts must accept reinforcements from people that require help with their crop. Due to limitations on how much army a village can hold even with diet, the following priority rules will generally apply for storing troops at diet villages:

Top priority will be given to large hammer owners that have their capitals destroyed. In this situation, the troops will be fed by the meta, with a little help from everyone.

Priority will be given to largest hammer owners especially those with large amounts of siege weapons. The hammer owners must send 50% crop of what their troops would normally eat every day, in agreement with artefact owner. Continuous failure to send resources may result in your reinforcements sent home without warning.

Hammer owners are encouraged to increase their croplands enough before starting to make huge amounts of troops. Do not expect anyone will feed your troops for you. People with higher level of croplands that still face crop issues will be given priority to park on diet.

Large diet owner will create villages close to large players with sufficient amount of granaries and later great granaries. Large hammer owners will park their troops there and be completely responsible for feeding them. While the bonus of the large diet is smaller, the limit of troops able to be stored is far larger, therefore the benefit will be greater most likely. Please contact the artefact manager at least 1 month before to secure a village close to you.


Boots will generally be assigned to large hammer owners that can farm efficiently. Boot owners will be required to perform special missions for the meta and often sacrifice their hammers in the process.

Players with a large ghost hammer may request boots artefact to work with scouting team in order to find and kill enemy hammers.


BoP has created a dedicated scouting team of some accounts that only build scouts. Scouting artefacts will be naturally used at these accounts.

Large eyes owner may chief end-game artefacts like the unique architect to protect it from attacks until the WW era.

Fools, Confusions, Architects

These artefacts will not use specific rules for their distribution as their role is other very specific or not important. For these artefacts, the meta leadership and the artefact manager will decide on a case by case basis.


There is no regard for your spawn location!!! …unless you plan on your spawn being your capital. If this is the case, please talk to leadership first as it is only on rare occasion that this is better than moving to a good cropper for your capital.

Another special note to keep in mind for hammer builders: a 15c with just 75% crop oasis bonus will produce more crop than a 9c with a 150% crop oasis bonus.

Once you are 12 hours from launching settlers to the location of your future cropper capital, you can claim the location in the forum under the Settling rules section. If you do not claim it and another person does before it is settled, it is theirs. If you settle a spot properly claimed by another person, you will be subject to a penalty, up to having the location catapulted by the alliance (So please claim your spots). If you do not launch your settlers in time, you will not be able to make a new claim until you explain what happened to leadership and get their OK to be allowed to claim a new location.

Once a Cropper Capital is settled, no person should settle within the 7 x 7 (11 x 11 if out past 150 -150) area of the capital and the capital’s feeder villages, unless permission is given by the person there first.

Once a Cropper Capital is settled, all Oasis within the 7 x 7 (11 x 11 if out past 150 -150) area of that capital and its feeders are its property. If the 7 x 7 area of a cropper capital overlaps another, whoever settled first gets rights to any shared crop Oasis. For other oasis types, please negotiate between you and only bring in leadership if no agreement can be reached.

Another note on oasis: getting the third oasis captured is so expensive that it usually is only worth it in your capital where fields can go above 10. So, in planning for your non- cap towns, only plan for 2 oasis for each.

Leadership reserves the right to make exceptions for the good of the alliance. If you think you should have an exception, contact them.

Thank you,

BoP Meta Team


I know a few of you are struggling with gettertools so here is a basic guide to update the parts we require.

Click on your wings link (WLs to provide - or check you wing area on the forum)

a) If you do not have an account you will need to create one.
- You will need a username, password, and an email address.
- It will also ask you to chose which server you are playing on and that is: ts9 com
- When asked for you game name use the exact one you have on here.

b) Once you have an account use the link again to join the wing group.

2) Updating your INFORMATION and SITTERS
On the left hand side at the top is an area called My Account

a) Click on account - First Tab - Ingame *REQUIRED*
- If not already done so enter your ingame name
- Enter the names of your sitters (you need full functionality to do this, see tab three)

b) Second Tab - Profile
- Not required to fill in

c) Third Tab - Trooptool Settings. *REQUIRED*
- Select Full

d) Fourth Tab - G2T Acccount *REQUIRED*
- Set timezone to Travian server time

3) Fifth and Sixth Tabs - Advanced Sitter and Dual
- If you have a dual, contact me for more information.
- Otherwise ignore these two

3) Updating TROOPS

Under My Account select Troops

In that area you will two boxes half way down - One for gold users, the other not.

a) First box - PLUS Troop Overview Parser - To use this you must have a Plus account activated.

Go to your Village Troop Overview Tab on Travian. (To do this click on the work villages above the list of names on the Right Hand Side.)
Go to the Troop tab.

Press Ctrl A - this will highlight the whole screen
Press Ctrl C - this copies the information
Go back to the first box on gettertools - click in it and press Ctrl V.

Then hit the Parse button
Your villages will all update.

b) The Second Box - Rally Point Parser. For those without a plus account

Go into your Rally Point on Travian and click on the Overview Tab

Press Ctrl A and then Ctrl C
Go back to gettertools and the second box - click in it and press Ctrl V.
Then hit the Parse button

*You will have to do this for each village*

4) Updating your HERO
Select My Hero from the left hand side.

Using the technique used for troops

Go to your hero on Travian, *Make sure the points area is visible*
Press Ctrl A and then Ctrl C

Return to gettertools - click in the Hero Parser box and press Ctrl V

Press the Hero Parse button.

And thats all there is to it.

Just make sure you update your troops and hero at least once a week.

Two links to show visually how to update


The contents in this guide are only directed at noobs or newbs. If you feel you are neither of those, then just get some pop-corn for a boring read. For the rest of you, here goes nothing. (elite players are also noobs in their own ways.) You can always learn something!

In Travian terms, a WW Hammer (WWK from now on) is a single army prepared, trained and fed for a single purpose. That is to have a big splat at an enemy World Wonder (WW) village and destroy either the WW itself or the storage in the WW.

There are two types:

Heavy in catapults.
Its primary use is to bring down levels and destroy the WW and the storages inside a WW village.

Heavy in Rams
They are used to break down enemy walls for cata hammers to follow.
Without the wall, hammers do more damage to WW then those who have walls.

The WWk's can be trained in any village whether cap or non-cap as both have their advantages.

1. Village cannot be conquered by enemies.
2. Most of the troops are fed by the capital itself thus easy to manage.

1. Hammers tend to have fewer supporting troops.

Average Resources needed to maintain the training in lvl20 stables, barracks and workshop without any helmet is 32k - 37k resources per hour depending on tribes and nature of troops. Thus if crops are not an issue any account with 8+ villages can easily maintain the required resource supply with minimal raids.

1. Due to training in Great Barracks (GB) and Great Stables (GS) their size tends to be much bigger in supporting troops.

1. Can be conquered by enemy. (Players can build a palace in the non-cap village and if they find any conquering attempts they can switch caps to prevent conquer. However the player may loose his old cap instead)
2. A big burden in managing crops and feeding troops.

Average Resources needed to maintain the training in lvl20 stables, barracks and workshop without any helmet is same as Capital Hammer but will increase dramatically as training in GB and GS are done. Only big accounts or heavy raiders or in some cases those accounts which are pushed should go for this type.

Any average account which uses low amount of gold should go for a Capital WWK. while those accounts which are big and heavy raiders and use lots of gold should be building a Non-Capital WWK.

Here are some examples of WWK hits (Hammer) (Rammer) (Rammer) (Rammer) (Hammer) (Hammer)

Here are what kind of troops each tribe should be training for WWK's

Due to Brewery Teutons are the best Rammers in the game. If crops are not an issue then these troops should be trained for a Rammer. clubs, tks and rams

If feeding is a problem then Teutons should be training these axe, tks and rams

Some of the Teutons hammer holders should build Rammers as they are what break enemy walls.

For Teuton hammers one needs to train catapults instead of Rams.

They have the strongest troops and the most efficient catapults in the game. Any Roman should go for Hammers only. The troops to be trained are imps, ecs and catas

Why not ei’s? That's because training in stables over same period of time, the crop consumption of the army is same regardless of which cavalry we choose. So for more attacking power ec’s should only be trained in WWKs

Amongst all tribes they are the weakest as they are primarily defenders and raiders. Troops to be trained are swords, headuans and catas


In T4 normal speed server for an army too be considered as WWK's they depending on their Siege are categorized as follows.

With Supporting Troops
5k+ rams for Rammers.
2.5k+ Catapults for Cata Hammers

Their crop consumption are at min 60k+ Crop troops.

With Supporting Troops
8k+ rams for Rammers.
4k+ Catapults for Cata Hammers

Their crop consumption are at min 85k+ Crop troops.

With Supporting Troops
14k+ rams for Rammers.
7k+ Catapults for Cata Hammers

Their crop consumption are at min 150k+ Crop troops.

With Supporting Troops
20k+ rams for Rammers.
10k+ Catapults for Cata Hammers

Their crop consumption are at min 200k+ Crop troops. Mostly this can be achieved with trainers usage.

With Supporting Troops
25k+ rams for Rammers.
12.5k+ Catapults for Cata Hammers

Their crop consumption are at min 300k+ Crop troops as they are only possible with trainers.

(Please note the crop consumption figures are for Capital WWKs only. Non cap WWKs are way much bigger and consume lots more crops.)

Building up a WWK takes a considerable amount of time, as unlike infantry and cavalry the siege numbers cannot be boosted by helmets or by GB/GS. Only with the use of Trainers (Small/Big/Unique) artefacts can the number of siege be boosted.

The monthly build for Catapults in a Cata hammers are like this
Teutons 2161 ,
Romans 2161
Gauls 2161

The monthly build Rams for Rammers are like this
Teutons 4635 ,
Romans 4232
Gauls 3893

So considering this number of days needed for training in lvl 20 Barracks, Stables and Workshop for each size are as follows

SMALL 35days+
BIG/LARGE 100days+
EXTRA LARGE 120days+ Mostly possible with Trainers usage
OMG HOW DID HE FEED THAT 120days+ ONLY possible with Trainers usage

In Training a WWK the most important thing is training siege. Your Siege should ALWAYS be at a 24/7 queue then comes the rest of troops. Then try to maintain a 24/7 queue for other troops without helmets. Once you believe that you can queue up to 48 hrs for all troops then only wear helmets and queue the troops till you have a 72hrs+ queue and maintain there. Why maintain? Because any additional resources will be needed to feed the hammer as it gets bigger and to upgrade the cap fields. Also the reason to have a 72hrs+ queue is that if by chance you receive any trainers artefacts, you can spend those extra 72hrs to train and queue siege as much as you possibly can.

All is same as Capital Hammer. Difference being the GB and GS that you can use. Similarly if you reach a 72hrs queue in a Normal Barracks and Stables you can start training in a lvl5 GB and GS. With the gradual increase in resources through production and/or through raids, the lvls of GB and GS are to be increased to maintain a 16-24hrs queue in them. Only heavy raiders or really big accounts can also maintain GB and GS 24/7 at Lvl 20 each.

These are the basics for WWK's.

All WWK Holders should have at least a WWK between AVERAGE/MODERATE and BIG/LARGE size. That is you should already start training in Barracks, Stables and Workshop at lvl 20 for 24/7 or will be able to start within the next 20days.

All Strike hammer holders should eventually build at least a Small WWK.. That is having either 2.5k+ Catapults or 5k+ Rams or a mixture of 3k+ Rams and 2k+ Catapults.

If the strike hammer holders follow the Troop target set by the OC Team and maintain it till end game they will have a working WWk to be launched at Enemies WWs. Lower End for Small WWK and Higher End for Moderate/Average WWK.

It is the number of SIEGE that determines a WW size not the actual crop troops.


Guide to settling in the grey area and surviving Natar attacks that land 24 hours after.

While not required, will likely need to use a little gold & send resources from your other towns.

Can contact nearby established members to help with resources for building while your merchants may be underway. Notify your sitter, they can help continue your builds while you are away or offline.

The way to survive the Natar attacks is not to defend them but to out-build them. They will destroy 24 locations in your town, however, you have 18 fields and 21 spaces in your town so if you fill them all... you will likely have at least one building that gives you one population left after the attack and your town survives!


Hooray! Welcome to your new town with 14 attacks inbound in 24 hours. What to build! (This decreases by two for every WW thats captured)

Build a Warehouse to level 1

Build a Granary to level 1

Build the Main Building up to level 3

Build a Marketplace to level 1

Now you can use gold to NPC! (if you can)

Build a few Crop fields each to level 1 Only!

Build your Rally Point to level 1

Build an Embassy to level 1

If you are Gaul Build a Trapper to level 1

Build a Barracks to level 1

Build all your remaining Crop fields to level 1 Only!

Build a Hero's Mansion to level 1

Build your Barracks up to level 3

Build an Academy to level 1

Build a Smithy to level 1

Build ONE Cranny all the way to level 10!

Build ONE and only ONE Crop field the rest of the way to level 5!

Build your remaining fields all to level 1

Build a Grain Mill to level 1

Raise your Main Building to level 5

Build a Residence to level 1

Fill all remaining spaces in the town with level 1 crannies!

Now so long as you finished all this you are in a good position to survive the Natar attacks! It is still possible not to survive as not everything gives you 1 population but it is unlikely.

If at any point you will not finish this in time just fill all remaining spots with level 1 crannies and hope. (you will have had to build the first cranny to level 10 to do this)

If you plan the village in grey zone to be your capital, there is another way. Some people like it more because it guarantees survival.

Pull Main Building to 5, Build Palace, switch the capital and build Stonemason's Lodge (Warehouse, Granary, Marketplace as suggested above). As Stonemason's Lodge is always the last target to be hit and provides population, you need 28 more targets for Natars to hit, 18 level 1 fields plus 10 building : Warehouse, Granary, Marketplace, Main Building, Palace, Embassy, 1 Cranny to 10 and the rest are level1 crannies - enough for all attacks.

Good Luck!…...

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