Treating Juveniles as Adults

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Lizbeth Padilla
DeVry University
Lance Arnold
Intro to Criminal Justice

I believe treating juveniles as adults is a good law to ensure that they can go to jail and receive time for a crime they committed. I think no matter what age a person is they should learn a lesson by doing their punishment or do hour services for the community. If a child that can pick up a dangerous weapon and harm an innocent person they knows what is right or wrong. They know that they can get in trouble for it. They should expect the consequences are going to be giving to them. My offer, point of view to prevent things like this is that children and adults should take delinquency programs. They can get counseling, get other services where they can get help to get their life straighten out, and prevent them from getting in trouble in the future.
During the 1990s, nearly every state passed more punitive justice laws making it easier to try juveniles in adult court. More and more teens are doing time alongside adults in prison. This represents society’s recent shift towards taking a harsher view of adolescent’s culpability. When a juvenile is charge with certain felony offenses, his or her case may be transferred to the adult criminal division where a juvenile will be prosecuted in the same way as adults charge with laws violations. When a child is found guilty or pleads guilty in adult court and is sentenced as an adult, that child is forever considered an adult for the future violations of state law.
In some cases, minors can be tried as adults. There three strikes that the law says, “Some serious or violent crimes committed by minors can count as strikes in the future”. This can happen even if the records are sealed. A child who is 14 years old can be tried in adult court for some serious crimes. Here are some examples of a child can make these offenses and can be…...