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Treatment of Prisioners

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Ethical treatment of prisoners
Jacqueline Arnold
Instructor Mark Cohen
November 1, 2012

ETHICAL TREATMENT OF PRISONERS 2 The ethical treatment of prisoners, there are millions of people in prison all over the
United States, but the ethical treatment of the prisoners’ rights must be analyzed. As a society, have we done all we can regarding the treatment of prisoners? Alternatively, can we say we have made prison an easy way of life that is no longer a punishment for some? Utilitarianism is the belief those moral rules should be choices made by a society to promote the happiness of its members. (Mosser, 2010). In February 2010, the House of Delegates approved a set of Criminal Justice Standards on Treatment of Prisoners. The term “prison” means a correctional facility holding primarily prisoners sentenced to a term of at least one year. In the terms of a “prisoner” means any person incarcerated in a correctional facility. The argument could be is that prisoners are being treated good, but some say that they are not being treated like prisoners. However, when you think back many years ago, prisoners did not have any rights. The wardens run the prison as they saw fit. As for the prisoners in the day, they would be taken out and beaten, whipped, and even killed. But with the the ethical treatment of prisoners today, includes a humane and healthful living conditions. It is wrong for the taxpayers to have to fork the bill to keep these prisoners in such a clean environment that they live imprisoners is safe from harm, and they are protected from punitive and excessive force and are protected from abuse by other prisoners and staff. In today’s world the prisoners get health care, and it is the prisons medical providers have an...

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