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Treatmnts or Dmestic Violence

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Treatments for Domestic Violence Alesha Quagraine ENG115 Professor Hunter December 8, 2015

When searching for treatment options for domestic violence abusers and victims psychotherapy and/or counseling may be a good choice. Counseling and psychotherapy can be possible methods of responding to a broad range of human needs. Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment based on the relationship between an individual and psychologist (American Psychological Institute, 2012). Based on dialogue, it provides a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly with someone who does not know you personally. There are many approaches to psychotherapy which includes cognitive and behavioral interpersonal and other kinds of talk therapy. Because of the negative misconceptions towards psychotherapy many individuals delay on getting treatment. The saying that “only crazy people go to psychotherapy” is a myth, people may choose to see a psychotherapist for many different reasons. Anyone can benefit from psychotherapy to become a better problem solver.

Counseling is a provision or guidance in decision making, particularly in emotionally significant situations (Burks, Stefflre, Dryden, & Feltham, 2002). A common factor most counseling situations is that the client is demoralized, distressed or otherwise in a negative state of mind about something. Counseling can be recommended for one or more persons but the majority of the time couples or families would benefit from this type of treatment. Counseling is mostly an optional activity whereby clients must agree to change and collaborate on his or her own free will. Through counseling there can be positive...

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