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Read this essay on the Importance of Trees !

Plants are very important for us. They provide us fresh fruits, wood, natural herbs and many things of professional value.

They are home to numerous wildlife, bugs and creatures. They provide colour to men and creatures. They prevent famine and cause rain fall. They help in verifying polluting the environment. They provide us fresh air to take in and play essential role in the process of CO2. So, we should increase forestation.

Wood is the most effective product that trees provide us with. We use wooden often. Wood is used as petrol and wood. Wood is used to make furnishings. Wood is also used to lay the paths of the railways. Plants are excellent sources of therapeutic natural herbs, ribbons and raw materials for many sectors. We get resins, organic gum area, etc. from the trees.

The bamboo sheets bedding is an essential wide range of shrub which develops in large quantity. It is of excellent professional value. It is found everywhere. It is used as building content to make short-term shed. It is an essential resource of protection for the poor and financially sluggish individuals. Bamboo is used to make pads, barrier, bag and various products of the crafts. Bamboo is used as raw content to make paper.

Cane is another wide range of shrub which is used in many things. Mats, rules and furnishings are created from the cane. Furniture created of cane is highly creative, wonderful and costly. Lac is one of the most effective woodland products of Indian. It is used to make bracelets and other useful products. We get honey from bees. Though honey is produced by bees, bees flourish on trees. Plants serve as decayed plant material to different creatures. Many bugs, wildlife and creatures live on trees.

Babul, Dhaora, Salat, Kulu and Bigasal are some types of trees which generate gum. Gum is used differently and is also exported in different countries. It is an excellent resource of international trading. We get turpentine from maple trees. It is used in colour and varnish industry. The kendu simply foliage is used for biri creating. It provides employment to many individuals particularly in non-urban areas. Besides, they are excellent resource of income for the state government authorities.

Trees help in maintaining the libido of ground. They check ground loss. They help in food shortage and flood control. Plants cause rain fall. They maintain ecological balance. They help in cleaning the environment. They are excellent resource of fresh air. We take in fresh air and take in out co2. We get fresh air from the trees and they process the co2 that we breathe out. Plants add to the organic charm.

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