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Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
Jazmine I. James
CJA 394
April, 07, 2014
Marilyn West

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation
There are many trends; future and past in the interfaces between components of the criminal justice system and criminal justice connections with surrounding society. It is very important to understand past, present and future trends throughout the criminal justice system in order to better handle and address them better. Some trends have been known to affect the criminal justice system in a negative way instead of in a positive way. For many the criminal justice system plays a major role in how society changes and how society values criminal justice in this era. The purpose of criminal justice and the law is to protect society from harm and ensure their safety as well as to protect the innocent and punish those guilty of committing a crime but at the same time doing so without violating their rights. As the world evolves, new laws have to be set in place to keep up with the evolution of criminal justice and crimes. New trends and contemporary issues can develop in society and can also have a direct impact on the criminal justice system.
Technology is one of the biggest trends in the world that continues to improve on a daily basis and make life easier but complex at the same time. Technology affects the criminal justice system and will continue to do so every day because it creates a new category of crimes that can and are being committed. With technology comes computers and with computers comes cybercrimes. “Peter Grabosky of the Australian Institute of Criminology suggests that most such crimes fall into one of the following categories: (1) theft of services, such as telephone or long distance access; (2) communications in furtherance of criminal conspiracies; (3) information piracy and forgery; (4) the dissemination of...

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