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Trends-Human Service

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Trends- Human Service
June 24, 2013
This paper will relate economic and political events to current trends in the human services field. Identify demographic trends that influence future needs in the delivery of human services. The team will focus on the North, South, East, West of the USA, and Military serving in foreign lands for our collection of data for this paper.
One major trend in the East coast that has affected Human Services professionals is the Terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 (9/11). There is no doubt that Americans everywhere will remember the tragic events that took place on 9/11 at the World trade Center, Pentagon, and the aborted flight in Pennsylvania. “The loss of lives and property on 9/11 was not large enough to have had a measurable effect on the productive capacity of the United States even though it had a very significant localized effect on New York City and, to a lesser degree, on the Washington, D.C. area” (Woodside & McClam, 2011, pg.? ) . The attack of 9/11 changed many lives in many ways. Every day is a reminder of how life has changed with longer lines at airports, concrete barriers, a greater police presence in cities, a color-coded five-level threat system, and increased emphasis on biological weapons research. The attacks on 9/11 has affected the work of human service professionals in a major way, encountering clients with both long and short term consequences. Because these attacks were acts of terrorism; people including Human Services professionals may feel helpless. Unsuccessful efforts to understand something that is beyond normal comprehension may result in fear. The American Psychological Association (2007) divides these people into three categories: (1) survivors of past traumatic events, (2) people who personally witnessed or were victims of the terrorist act, and (3) those who experience trauma from learning of friends, family, and others who were subject to the violence or from exposure to repeated media accounts. Some of the symptoms clients of a Human Service professional had included recurring thoughts of the incident, isolation, survivor guilt, and feeling the loss of control over ones’ life. If the client experienced the attack, there may be significant injuries, confusion, panic, and strained health. It is a Human service professional obligation to help the victim of the 9/11 attacks to understand the delayed reactions of fear and helplessness, the importance of maintaining a routine, the sharing of feelings and concerns, learning what has happened, and what is being done to combat terrorism. Those individuals, who suffer from the long-term effects deal with fear or hatred of foreigners, called xenophobia, which can become a social and psychological danger, and result in diversity among communities or populations. The fear generated by terrorism and the concern about future terrorist acts has increased stress and anxiety in daily lives. This demographic trend has influenced the needs in the delivery of human service professional by enhancing the necessitated efforts to engage the client as a partner in the helping process.
Being a home owner is a huge accomplishment for many families and individuals who have made the sacrifice financially providing stability for self or family. For some, the sacrifice did not come easy and for others ownership was a breeze. In either situation, victim of the poor economy has taken away precious moments and memories from many families. After the 911 attack, many companies found themselves in situations of cutting staff or close the business because of lack of money being spent or put out into the economy.

The city of Detroit were among many affected by the national foreclosure crisis, as people lost their jobs, many could no longer meet their obligation of a mortgage payment. This caused homes to become abandoned and havens for drug use, prostitution, and other crimes. As a result of the crimes in those areas, the property value of homes went down.

In the networking field of human service, professional need to help individuals get back on their feet, finding stability with employment, housing, and rehabilitation. In Detroit, the Federal Government has awarded $100 million dollars to get rid of the abandon properties; Gov. Rick Snyder said in a statement. “Getting rid of these properties will encourage more people to stay in their homes and be part of the effort to improve their neighborhoods” (Schultz, 2013).

The rising need for human service professionals in the future will aid in the success of individuals across the United States. As families begin to rebuild their lives through counseling, learning how to discuss and deal with disappointment of the economy and the political views of those who make the decisions. Seeking rehabilitation for the drug use as well as crime committed during hard times. Human service workers are at the forefront in guiding individuals and families back into the roles of empowerment by coaching them toward a healthier, prosperous life.


Natural Disasters can be very uncontrollable at times; however, the aftermath of such happenings can be relieving with proper aide and assistance. Unfortunately, in the case of Hurricane Katrina, which had hit the southern region of the United States back in August 28, 2005, it was one of the most devastating hurricanes to slam parts of South Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and mostly Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina a category five hurricane winds blowing at about 170 mph, killed nearly 2,000 people with its massive floods from levee failures, and it gave a total property damage that was approximately 100 billion dollars (The History Channel website, 2013 & National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2005).

The city of New Orleans was affected by Hurricane Katrina the most. Millions of people were left without a place to lay their heads to sleep at nighttime. Because the majority of the houses were not in the best conditions to live in, many either stayed because they were stuck there or some migrated to nearby states when the state called for evacuation. The reaction of the government to help assist those people living in that nightmare did not come quickly enough after the storm had done damage; people resorted to breaking into stores in search for food and water. Other criminal acts happened as well until the National Guards came in and started protecting the city to lower these criminal activities from happening by enforcing a curfew along with other things.

With the help of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), they had provided housing assistance with trailers for individuals and families to live temporarily. Hotel costs were also being paid for as well. Other federal assistance was given that could have been used toward fixing destroyed homes and to rent apartments. Distant states were welcoming the New Oleanders such as New York, Texas, Nevada, Michigan, and California because funds in the state of Louisiana were exhausted.

Unfortunately the political and economic assistance was poorly managed and limited, this brought inaccuracies and confusion to those in need. Such disasters make it challenging for human service professionals to help those displaced and working with federal and state aid to help victims get their lives back together. Counseling and support groups can help those tormented by such traumatic events. As a nation knowing these kinds of disasters happen, working together with human service professionals from federal, state, and community-based agencies can help organize and provide services more rapidly, effectively, and efficiently.


Currently in the west there has been an increase in uncontrolled wildfires. “Firefighters battling the so-called Black Forest blaze near Colorado Springs, the most destructive on record in the state, neared full containment of the flames on Thursday June 20, 2013. That fire, which authorities believe was human-caused, has charred some 21 square miles of wooded hillsides for more than a week, destroying 509 homes and killing two people” (Coffman, 2013) . Most of Colorado is suffering or evacuating from forest fires. Bordering states like Utah (850-acres near the border, threatening oil and gas wells) and New Mexico (30 miles within the border) are also evacuating. “In neighboring Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer signed a declaration of emergency in Yavapai County on Thursday, June 20, 2013 freeing up $100,000 and authorizing the National Guard to help tackle the fire raging out of control near Prescott” (Coffman, 2013) . Slurry bombers and firefighters are working overtime to get these fires under control and minimize damage. Word of aid to rebuild Colorado is in the talks in Congress. Reverse 911 was used to call residence and farm animals were transported to a safe place at Jefferson County Fairgrounds. The challenge for human service professionals is to locate and help families obtain the necessary resources to rebuild their lives. There is health issues associated with wildfires for the young and old, human service professionals need awareness of the health and mental trauma that these fires cause clients.

On top of the resources for the wildfires slowly coming in, Colorado has passed a tough immigration bill that will force people receiving federal or state benefits to verify their citizenship. “The bill would apply to health care, unemployment insurance, energy assistance programs and aging and adult services” (CBS News, 2009). So the immigrates that have evacuated and lost everything, may not be eligible for government rebuilding benefits. Additional challenge for human services in the future: helping relocate immigrates or assisting with citizenship and finding non-government funding to help immigrates in need.

Military Serving in Foreign Lands

The profound effects on military members fighting in foreign countries have raised several issues that they face every day off the battlefield that torments the member, and their families. Some issues that members face are physical injuries, post-traumatic stress disorders, rape, loss of childhood, and depression.

The most visible signs for members are physical. Military members have come back from war with missing limbs, head trauma, and loss of different senses. Because of these different ailments they may have to see doctors ongoing, receive rehabilitation, and years of assistance. When members come back they may have difficulty finding the correct programs or assistance to help their specific needs, therefore leading to frustration, despair, and even depression. This is where human service professionals play a vital role in their recovery helping them find the help they need.

Another area where several military members suffer is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These disorders affect some members because of difficult situations they viewed or experienced. Sights of bombings, abuse, killings, attacks, or other disasters may cause major psychological problems, flashbacks, and closing themselves off to other people.

One of the most overlooked issues women in the military deal with is Rape. Rape can be from enemy forces or from fellow military members. Rape from fellow members is particularly hard to deal with and mostly goes unreported. Rape victims find it difficult to report such violations when the attacker is within their ranks because they do not trust the help provided and fear the repercussions even though they are the victim. Rape is physical and psychological pain, severe depression, and suicidal thoughts that victims have to deal with for quite some time that may need extensive counseling.

Future human services delivery has an enormous role in helping the military member and their Families. Several programs have been established in the United States as well as on Military bases. Field officers have been placed in military hospitals to assist in communication between military members and their families, better support in medical care and mental health care. Psychiatrists and psychologists are also on base to provide members with support. There is also post deployment health assessments held after the member returns to the states that focus on health and mental wellness. Human Services Professionals all over the world can reach soldiers by that provides services via chat, online, or by telephone.

The common trend that our team has found is that nationwide crisis either terrorism, housing crash, natural disasters, or trauma from war requires assistance from human service professionals. This paper has related economic and political events to current trends in the human services field. We identified demographic trends that influence future needs in the delivery of human services. Our team focused on the North, South, East, West of the USA, and Military serving in foreign lands.

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