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Trevor Nunns Interprtation of Twelfth Night to Shakespeare


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The film adaptation of Twelfth Night is a light hearted comedy of love, exuberance, drunkenness, deception and mistaken identity. According to Stephen Hitching “...twelfth nights plot is delightfully absured, the acting brilliant and the directing superb. The contrast between the proud and proper Malovlio and the drunken, stupor of Sir Toby Belch creates much laughter along; with the switch from the original script where the Duke opens the play to the sound of Fest’s voice certainly makes the film adaptation a riveting experience. It is the sort of comedy you can watch over and over again. Both Nunn and Shakespeare displayed effective use of technique through the use of non-verbal elements such as costuming and verbal elements such as language, respectively .Shakespeare’s mastery of imagery and Nunn’s use of visual and auditory appeal reinforce the timelessness of themes such as Love and Deception.

Costuming is the vehicle through which the theme of deception is revealed. Trevor Nunn’s interpretation of disguise gave the audience a sense of understanding of his idea into the cross dressing process by using Visual Imagery which is seen through the Decepetor herself Viola .She presented herself as man or by her transformation name ‘Cesario’ by getting rid of her feminine garments, cutting her hair, banding her breast, putting on trousers with suspenders, a white shirt and jacket accessorising the complete look with a moustache. However with Viola developing a friendship with the Duke and also the constant time spending with one another made her fall in love with him,”Whoe’er I woo, myself would be his wife,’’ but due to her deceptive transformation it is a challenge to tell Duke Orsino how she feels which creates pathos within the audience. Another character which Nunn shows this deceitful nature through costuming is Olivia. She wears a black veil which

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