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Why Do You Need This New Edition?
The overarching theme of Human Communication in Society is the interaction between the individual and society.
In this third edition, we’ve enhanced this theme by adding new examples, illustrations, and pedagogical materihow you communicate”—with more contemporary critical approaches, which focus on the impact of societal structures and history on communication outcomes. By highlighting this tension between individual and societal forces, we encourage students to recognize the value of multiple perspectives in understanding communication.
Human Communication in Society, Third Edition, like previous editions, covers the full range of topics addressed in existing introduction to communication survey textbooks. Highlights of this new edition include:

The Human Communication in Society Model has been renamed “The Synergetic Model” in order to model extends the more traditional transactional model by emphasizing that all communication interactions


We have increased our emphasis on critical thinking. In this new edition, the “Alternative View,” “Communication in Society,” and “Did You Know?” features all include critical thinking questions to challenge students to evaluate the material in light of chapter concepts and their own personal values and beliefs.
The ethics section of each chapter has been revised to present the material in a less prescriptive manner,


We have increased opportunities for self-study by including “Test Your Knowledge” questions at the end of every major section within each chapter.


Chapter 2 has been revised to
(rather than ancient history) and to highlight the major theoretical perspectives as well as their assumptions, values, and methods.


We have enhanced coverage of listening by adding a new chapter, Listening and Responding (Chapter 7).



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