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*Enters home*


Mum: Really? I would never have guessed(.) So how was school?

Me: It was okay(.) Can’t really expect much news from this school.

Mum: Well, you’re gonna have to deal with it now//

Me: //Acha, acha. Pata hai. Meri ghalti hai ke mein iss school me pas gaye hoon. (Yeah, yeah. I know it’s my fault I’m stuck in this school.)

Mum: Firstly don’t talk over me and secondly when I’m talking to you in English then you should reply in English.

Me: Okay then(.) Where’s Diya and Ayanna?

Mum: It’s a small house(.) Go and find them.


Diya: Here we are Khushboo di. You okay?

Me: Yeah, I’m fine(.) You?

Diya: I’m okay(.) Ayanna’s hiding let’s go and find her.

Me: Okay.

*Finds Ayanna*


Mum: Go change your clothes(.) I’m getting your food ready.

Me: Okey Dokey

Mum: Zara jaldi karlo(.) Khana tyar hai. Hurry up a little(.) Your food’s ready.

Me: Acha (Okay)

Mum: Khana kane ke baad Diya aur Ayanna ko nahla dena. Zara jaldi. (After eating give your sisters a shower. Hurry up a little.)

Me: I don’t want to give them a shower(.) They’re annoying.

Mum: Yes, but they’re your sisters so hurry up and do what I said.

Me: But//

Mum: //No buts(2) Jaldi karo.

Me: That’s so not fair.

Mum: Life’s not fair so deal with it and hurry the hell up.

Me: Fine.

Mum: Don’t act like a 2 year old with a tantrum.

Me: I’m not(2) Can I at least eat in peace?

Mum: Better hurry though. If you make them wait too long you’ll be in trouble.


Mum: Fine then(.) Bye(2) See you 2 minutes.



Junaid: Wag1

Me: ‘Ello(.) How’s life?

Junaid: Sick alie(.) How’s you doing?

Me: Good good(.) Except mum’s decided to send me to some next up after school thing innit but oh well. How’s school doin’ ya?

Junaid: How can I have got internal exclusion again for doing nothing innit? So wasted.

Me: Sure ye didn’t do nuffin.

Junaid: Nah man. All’s that happened was dat I got into beef wid some messed up breh innit cause he starts chattin some crap ‘bout me and all. Dumb fool.

Me: Clock this though(.) You needa jamm yer hype before ye get battered.

Junaid: Don’t give a crap. Ain’t no one gunna be touching this innit.

Me: If you say so(.) But when your face gets bashed up don’t complain ‘bout it yeah?

Junaid: Yeah, yeah(.) Whatever dude.

Me: Just cause you know I’m right yeah?

Junaid: Did I say you was right though? No I didn’t so shu’up.

Me: Oh jeez, it’s just so hard to imagine to imagine why people wanna punch yer face yeah?

Junaid: Haha’ You know I’m amazing g. Your life would be moist without me alie?

Me: If you say so.

Junaid: I do say so.

Me: I know you do but shu’up anyway.

Junaid: Bun you.

Me: Bun your face.


Me: Bye Junaid.

Junaid: Bye Khushy Whushy.


Me: Hi guys.

Simron: Hi monkey.

Me: Shu’up.

Simron: I don’t want to.

Me: Whatever(.) Lowlife.

Simron: I know you are.

Me: ANYWAY(3) Oi Paola, are we still going on Sunday?

Paola: As far as I know we are(.) but then we’ll just have to wait and see incase something else happens.

Me: Okay, that’s fine.

Simron: Oh, we forgot the tissue paper(.) Priyanka we need to bring it tomorrow!

Priyanka: Okay Simron we will.

Leydiane: *Awkward Laugh*

*We all stare at her*

Leydiane: What?

Paola: Never mind Leydiane(2) Never mind.

Leydiane: Okay then.

Dinner lady: Bell gone.

Paola: Okay guys(.) Time to go to class.

Me: Yay(!)

Simron: Shut up and hurry up.

Me: Whatever

Simron: Did you do the homework?

Me: Of course not(.) You?

Simron: Sort of(.) Anyway I'll see you later.

Me: Bye

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