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Tropical Ecology Scrap Book 1. August 31, 2015
There has been changes and fluctuations in plankton and fish species in the North Pacific region that has been a mystery for some time. Several temperature changes have been linked to North Pacific ecosystem mystery. The distribution of plankton and fish species is caused by the ecosystem shifts. 2. August 31, 2015
Scientists have found ancient in many mantle rocks below the sea floor. These rocks that have been discovered contain microbial life, which show life had been present during the Cretaceous period. This discovery finally confirms a hypothesis that life can in fact be created deep below the seafloor. 3. September 1, 2015
Increase in climate threat has been identified using unique statistical analysis. The frequency in droughts and heat waves has been occurring more frequent than usual. Climate experts have been able to determine the dual climate threat. 4. September 1, 2015
Scientists discovered like humans female orangutans prefer specific characteristics. They prefer cheek padded male orangutans, which are more successful at fathering offspring. The females have standards. 5. September 1, 2015
Tiny jellyfish may be the new basis for under water propulsion. Oceanographers detail how the jellyfish speed to their prey. The jelly fish had been gathered and studied from Puget Sound. 6. September 2, 2015
Scientists have made solar cells that can collect higher energy photons at a more efficient rate. The new solar...

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