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COMPANY BACKGROUND TRUEARTH was founded in 1993 in st Louis, missori by Gerath Derosa a young entrepreneur and its is providing quality healthy and authentic pastas.DeRosa sourced a particularly high quality durum wheat from North Dakota and was notriosly selective about ingredients for sauce. The product line featured standards pastas such as speghatis,rigatoni and shells and specialty pastas with blended ingredients such as artichoke spinach and saffron.truearth is driven by innovative free willing and entrepreneurial spirits.truearth introduced a 60% as well as 100% whole grain pasta cucina fresca which was a great success.
Cucina Fresca pasta is launched in 2006 with a full range of choices cut pasta, tortalinni, and ravioli as well as accompanying by different sauces as shown in the exhibit 1 of the case. The FRESCA product was designed to be consumed in a single meal for two tapped the growing demand for healthy HMR efficiently. The cucina Fresca product are quick and easy. There is no guesswork for the consumer. The packaging of each product recommends the best sauce option. The cucina fresca line was rolled out nationally in the third quarter of 2006 it grew quickly with $18 million retail sales in 2006 and $35 million in 2007.
Competitive threats
There is one strong competitor in the market named Rigazzi brand which introduced his own pasta in late 2007.Rigazzi targeted TruEarth higher priorities cities with its new line offerings substainstional trade discounts to supermarkets and high values coupons to customers.
Why did cucina fresca succeed?
Cucina fresca successful in the market because its takes first mover advantage and for that reason it’s established its marketing shares more than that is of its competitors. There is no stronger player in the market...

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