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Truth In 'All Quiet On The Western Front'

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“Truth, that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.” As seen here truth is easily defined in eleven words, but when faced with the task to do so as an individual, it proves to be quite daunting. To try to whittle down such a meaningful word to just eleven words to describe it seems ambiguous and takes away from the reality and just puts it into facts, stating itself, the truth. Understanding how truth plays a large role in war and compares to it, brings a larger perception of war to my mind and how truths can sway from one side to the other. Recognizing that truths can be viewed from different aspects makes me more apt to understanding the meaning of war. So how is truth defined? Of course, there’s always the simplified dictionary meaning, and then there is the more in depth one that I have deduced from readings of texts like All Quiet on the Western Front and a chapter excerpt from The Things They Carried gives much more insight into the reality of war and the effects of being told the truth, and telling it. One idea I have taken from both those documents is that truth can be defined as a statement about the way the world actually is, but the way it actually is can only be defined by more truths that …show more content…
I’m sure they are imaginable, so I will not reiterate that. Everything from beliefs to lifestyle plays a role in how individuals perceive their own reality, but putting all differences aside, everyone has the same basic facts, making it hard for everyone's reality to deviate from one another immensely when associated with the same upbringing. While in a war that plays a major role because that’s what prompts people to fight on their side, it’s how their reality is set up. Realizing why makes understanding one another as individuals and not their ideals more important. War can break someone's reality into pieces; it is the fact of just accepting that reality or someone else’s is what causes misconceptions within one

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