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Technological impact research study

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Over the recent past, there has been an enormous revolution in the technological industry in terms of computing and communications. This has been due to the reduction the costs of communication because of the technological advances and an increased competition in the technological sector that has in turn reduced the cost of communication. Moore’s states that the production of microchips is on the double rise every one and half a years. In the current society, innovations made in the technological industry are bringing about a wide range and the policy makers are really working on the ways of resolving the effects to do with economic productivity (Berque, Prey, Reed & WIPTE, 2006).

Technology can there can there be seen as a discrete force with a great influence and the impacts of technology is a metaphor It is there seen as a dynamic force that causes collisions and impacts on the society. Mechanically, technology can be viewed as to be having an impact on the society as it reinforces that technological systems have an independent existence and appears to be having a mass, velocity and a momentum of its own, which drives technology to influence on the society (Karacapilidis, & Raisinghani, 2012).

Thesis Statement

The focus of this study is to establish and interpret the principles of technology and the effects of the technological advancements on the society socially, economically, and politically. The study will take a course of an extensive consultation and seeking data through questionnaires and face-to-face interviews with the respondents. In an attempt to extract a reliable data, the study will use direct interviews more often to establish the level of reality in the responses of the interviewed individuals as this will help in obtaining a more accurate data. Whereas some countries have not fully embrace the use of technology, the dynamism of the world has been driven by technology

In this study, two perspectives have been contrasted and these are; the impacts caused by technology education in teaching and about the technology on the society (Johnston & Barker, 2002).

Background to the study

Science, technology, and the society are three elements that have been expanding over a long period and this development started in the year 1960. In the technological view they history of technology tries to examine technology in its social context. Starting in the early 1960s, some historians questioned the technological determinism and some of them started developing contextual approaches to the history of the medicine. In the late 1960s, the student and faculty social movements and the European universities starting working for change rather than dispassionate and in the mid 1980 sit was now a decisive moment in the development of the STS and many decided to put their focus on the effects of technology on the society (MacKenzie and Wajcman , 1985). This foundation was therefore intellectual foundation of the field of social construction and technology. In more recently there has been an associated turn to ecology, nature and the materiality in general(Johnston & Barker, 2002).

Definition of terms

Technology: this is the sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the

Material objects of their civilization as they correlate

Impacts: these are the consequences or the effects that are caused by the advancement in

Technology to the current society

Society: This is a group of people or the individuals that are affected by the changes in


Social view: this is a view of the effects in terms of the consequences it lays on the lives of

Individuals in a society.

Impact of Technology on Business models, Commerce and Market structure

Information technology is found to be so important in the effects it brings about in reducing the distance in terms of geographic distribution. Technology enables various types of works and employment to be decoupled from one another and it also enables finer division of labor among different countries of the world which in turn causes affects the relative demand for various skills in each nation creating a bigger competition among regions in terms of labor capital and the marketing of products. Online advertisements and sales has seen rise in competition(Berque, Prey, Reed & WIPTE, 2006).

When it comes to communication technology and computers, we get to see that technology plays an important role in the marketing, production, and distribution.

Socially, technology has enhanced a close relation and socialization among different societies in different parts of the world. It is through online interaction that people have come to share ideas on business and this has promoted online business transactions amongst people from different countries hence promoting the development of the world economies and the economies of individual countries. E- Commerce is also very effective at reducing the costs of attracting new customers to the market through advertisements since online marketing has reduced the cost because it is cheap(Berque, Prey, Reed & WIPTE, 2006).

According to the research, the respondents seem not to be satisfied fully with technological effect on the market structure and e-commerce because they lack trust on the adverts that are being used online. Thus, they lay their preference on the printed adverts or the business circulars that are being distributed. This is because they have detailed information about it. In addition, high rate of cybercrime has led many individuals to lack trust with online transactions especially with a strangers (Berque, Prey, Reed & WIPTE, 2006).

Technology in Workplace and Labor Market

Research studies shows that communication technologies and computers have enabled people to communicate with one another in ways complementary to the old traditional one on one communication and the advancement in technology has enhanced a 24-hour economic development in different countries since people can make business communication and even purchase products online. This survey realized that 40% of the business transactions being done online are between people from different countries. This means that global trade has grown immensely and social interactions between superiors and sub-ordinates has become more intense because of the social control issues raise by the use of computerized monitoring systems but the use of e-mails have lowered the barriers to communications across different status levels (Berque, Prey, Reed & WIPTE, 2006).

Many industries are affected by electronic commerce. The distribution sector is directly affected as e-commerce is a method of supplying and making delivery of good s and services and enlarging the market will have a positive impact on jobs opportunities because people will have an opportunity to work online and generate income through the internet and technology can also destroy the creation of jobs and this process underlie the changes in skill composition of employment.

Education and Technology

The study shows that the advancement in technology has affected the art of teaching by complementing the construction traditional classroom rather than eliminating the concept and despite the existence of the distance learning across the globe, the internet has made it possible for the better delivery and coverage of the instructional education. Educational technology has also advanced greatly and the use of computers has laid a positive impact on an effective learning where the disadvantaged and the disabled are able to access educational, facilities online hence expanding their knowledge. It is through e learning and the distant learning that these disadvantaged students are to learn(Berque, Prey, Reed & WIPTE, 2006).

Technological impact on the personal life and society

The research explored the effects of technology on the private lives and the society. The introduction of then digital forms has resulted in easier and cheaper production and dissemination of information and the great increase in computing, and communications power has raised concerns on privacy in both public and private sector. Human tend to apply technological knowhow than the natural knowledge when it comes to learning. This can be witnessed in the higher learning institutions where there is exercise of the e learning which enable students to learn through internet. Through this, people from different parts of the world have been able communicate and share which in turn makes it easy for them to acquire knowledge(Johnston & Barker, 2002).


It has therefore been established that, the ongoing changes and advancements in the technological sector has numerous economic and social impacts. Some of which are significant and others are impact negatively on the society and therefore the issue on technology requires a serious concern and should be investigated in an attempt to manage its dangerous and consequences and rational decisions have to be made.


Ng, E. M. W., Karacapilidis, N., & Raisinghani, M. S. (2012). Evaluating the impact of technology on learning, teaching, and designing curriculum: Emerging trends. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.

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