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California State University, Long Beach
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Brandon Gonzales
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Abstract This paper will present an assessment and analysis of the health care information researched in Plumas County with addition to percentages and statistics gathered from registered sites and resources. This paper will also develop health resolutions and suggestions that are to be taken in to consideration with a resources profile and analysis. The research provided, focusing on the iron triangle made up of cost, access, and quality; will identify alarming health problems with increases and/or decreases to access and quality taken from legitimate sources and government data and surveys. The future consequences of these following problems, how Plumas County's health professionals plan to act on them, and recommendations to generate solutions will also be presented.

A population research conducted in 2013, the "United States Census Bureau" estimated a total population of 18,859 residents in Plumas County making up .05% of California's total population estimated at 38,332,521. Since 2010, the county has shown a 6% decrease in total population losing more than a thousand people in the past 3 years. Plumas County contains a very small fraction of California's residents compared to larger counties in the state. A more precise breakdown of the research in population provided by the "U.S. Census Bureau" explains that those who are under the age of five make up 4% of county's population, those who are under the age of eighteen make up 17%, and persons over the age of 65 represent 24% of the population. The majority of the population is 91.1% Caucasian. The rest of the population is varied in to 8.3% being Latino or Hispanic, 3.6% of two or more races, 3.2% being American Indian, and 1% being…...

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