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IT1115 Introduction to Information

Credit hours: 6.0
Contact/Instructional hours: 70 (50 Theory, 20 Lab)

IT1115 Introduction to Information Technology



This course explores foundational topics related to information technology. Topics examined include computing devices, hardware, software, operating systems, computer networks, security, and computer programming. Logical problem solving, troubleshooting, and maintenance of computer systems are also introduced. MAJOR INSTRUCTIONAL AREAS

1. Computer History and Fundamentals
2. Hardware
3. Operating Systems
4. Basic Networking
5. Basic Security
6. Software
7. Basic Programming
8. Web Technologies
9. Troubleshooting


By the end of this course, you should be able to:
1. Identify the evolution of computers and different types of computers.
2. Convert numbers between binary, decimal, and hexadecimal number systems.
3. Explain the purpose, functions, and characteristics of a CPU.
4. Describe the physical components of a computer and various input and output devices, including storage and memory.
5. Describe the function of BIOS and the booting process of a computer.
6. Describe basic operating system architecture, its components, and storage management.
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IT1115 Introduction to Information Technology


7. Describe basic types of computer network topologies and connections, protocols, and services used on the Internet.
8. Describe virtual computing and virtual networking concepts.
9. Describe fundamental cloud computing architectures and services.
10. Apply basic computer security measures by using authentication and access control.
11. Explain the basics of program algorithms and scripts used for software application development.
12. Apply basic...

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