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1. Why is it critical to perform a a penetration test on a Web application and a Web server prior to production implementation?

If proper testing is not done prior to production implementation the application and server both are open to compromise by hackers through the internet.

2. What is a cross-site scripting attack? Explain in your own words.

Cross site scripting attacks focus on a user account input validation rather than application or data.

3. What is a reflective cross-site scripting attack?

A reflective cross site scripting attack is when a single HTTP response is used to inject browser executable code. It is not actually placed in the application.

4. What common method of obfuscation is used in most real-world SQL attacks?

They include character scrambling and masking, numeric variance and nulling, relying on an array of built-in SQL Server system functions used for string manipulation.

5. Which web application attack is more prone to extracting privacy data elements out of a database?

SQL injections can be used to enter the database with administrator rights. The best way to prevent this is to use Java instead.

6. Given that Apache and Internet Information Services are the two most popular Web applications servers for Linux and WS Windows platforms, what would you do to identify known software vulnerabilities and exploits?

A public domain by definition is far different than a systems PKI server. A public domain that stores certs is in a key escrow.

7. If you can monitor when SWL injections are performed on an SQL database, what would you recommend as a security countermeasure to monitor your production SQL databases?

Of course. That’s a CYA and common sense thing.

8. What can you do to ensure that your organization incorporates penetration testing and web application testing as part of its implementation procedures?
Encrypting File System (EFS) protects sensitive data in files or folders that are stored on disk using the NTFS file system. There is also Bitlocker and Bitlocker to GO, which encrypts entire volumes.
9. What other security countermeasures do you recommend for websites and web application deployment to ensure the CIA of the web application?

Bitlocker and BItlocker to GO does this. I don’t recommend it at all. You lose the key and you have a boat anchor full of jibberish..

10. Who is responsible and accountable for the CIA of production Web applications and web servers?

Unless you have the key you wont see anything worthwhile. I have been told there are specialty forensic tools that can work past this, but that they are expensive and time consuming.

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