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Ts5334-01-U10A1 Risk Management Plan Template

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Risk Management Plan for A&D High Tech

Risk Management Plan Template

Raiford Wallace

Capella University


Date: June 13, 2016
Section 1 – Introduction • 1.1 Benefits of Risk Management Barkley says, “Risk is a tradeoff with benefits, opportunities, and payoff. In other words, risk is the reason for investment...” (2004, p. 5). One major requirement for the A&D High Tech Internet Store project is to complete this project and bring the store online before the Holiday season. In reading the case study, getting this Internet store online will determine the success of the project according to Webb, Walter, and Johnson the senior managers of A&D. The benefit of the project will potentially bring more profitability to the company growth and will tackle the lack of presents online to its competition. “In 2002, faced with tough competition and decreasing margins, A&D decided to explore new segments of the market for growth…with focus on sales via the Internet” (Jeffery, 2008, p.2.). • 1.2 Project Goals and Objectives The goals of the project are to increase revenue by allowing sales on a national level, while maintaining the friendly level of customer service that the company is so proud of and wanting to maintain that feel. The scope controlling the organization’s retail operations are “new orders, add-on orders, order amends, order status, and lead capture with the following capabilities” (Jeffery, 2008): • Configuration and pricing • Delivery date based on standard lead times • Real-time payment processing • 100 percent validation of required data • Collection of prospect data about customers • Integration to back-end (ERP) for manufacturing and order management (p. 4). Matt Webb the CIO composed a project team that completed a...

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