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Theory :

The 555 timer IC is an integrated circuit (chip) used in a variety of timer, pulse generation, and oscillator applications. The 555 can be used to provide time delays, as an oscillator, and as a flip-flop element. Derivatives provide up to four timing circuits in one package.

The 4017 is an integrated circuit which has been designed to count pulses. It has 16 pins and looks like any other 16 pin integrated circuit. They can be used in timing circuits and are often used to switch on and off LEDs or motors or other circuits. They are versatile and relatively simple to put together. Counters such as the 4017B are cheap and yet surprisingly useful.
The 4017 is most useful when combined with a timer such as a 555 based circuit. The pulse from the 555 timer can be used to activate the 4017B circuit. A 555 a stable circuit is used to pulse the 4017B at regular intervals. The pulse from the 555 IC is generated from pin 3. In the circuit seen below, pin 3 of the 555 IC feeds into pin 14 of the 4017B (called ‘clock in’). When this occurs pin ‘A’ of the 4017B emits current, lighting its LED. The next pulse from the 555 IC results in pin ‘B’ of the 4018B IC emitting current and lighting its LED.

Description of Design:

In our project we aimed to display a simple design to clear the Idea of our circuit . We made a white and rectangular shape box, and put the LEDs with the push and switch at its flat. That will make it easy to turn On and off without seeing the wires and Other components. Then we made a small regular dices ,paste it near of the rectangular to clear the Idea of our project.

Circuit Diagram :


2) Components Table:

|Components |Count. |
|Resistors: 330, 470, 10k |3 , 1, 3 |
|capacitors: 0.01µF, 0.1µF |1 for each type |
|diodes: 1N4148 |6 |
|LEDs: red 5mm diameter |7 |
|555 timer IC |1 |
|4017 counter IC |1 |
|DIL sockets for ICs: 8-pin |1 |
|on/off switch |1 |
|push switch |1 |
|1 x 9V PP3 Battery |1 |
|battery clip for 9V PP3 |1 |
|Bread board: 20 rows × 22 holes |1 |
|wires |Depend On the need |

2)This table shows the components that we use.

project presentation :

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