Tuesday with Morrie

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Tuesday with Morrie
Leisure is finding free time to do ones own personally activity that brings happiness to oneself through the activity. Free time, attitude and activity is what defines leisure, in the movie Tuesday with Morrie, leisure is the defining cause of happiness for the main character, Mitch. In today’s society, we are so busy with our daily lives that we forget to have some time to ourselves. And it clearly depicts that in the movie, with Mitch’s busy lifestyle of being a reporter, he loses focus with everything else. Family, love, and life are the main focus of leisure of Morrie and he tries instilling it on Mitch, which he slowly learns as his life fades away. From this movie I learned that leisure is not just finding free time for oneself, but it is a life away from work. Compensation, needs that are satisfied that cannot be satisfied at work, is what the main character needed and wanted. I learned that leisure time from work is crucial to maintain a healthy relationship with co-workers, family members, loved ones, etc. That time away from work can mean the difference in marriage and divorce. An example from the movie would be when Mitch took Morrie’s advice and took off work and spend more leisure time with Janine and eventually proposing to her. It shows that leisure time provides a clear mind to think about future goals and lifestyles.
The one big fact about leisure that I learned and that the movie showed is that leisure goes from physical to more intellectual and spiritual, as we grow older. That we should cherish our time as a youth to go out and do activities we enjoy doing because one day it will all just be a memory of what it used to be like. In the movie it described how Morrie used to be able to dance and eat, even when he was old, to his diagnosis of ALS, which transformed his leisure from physical activities, which he enjoyed a lot…...