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“You’re not a wave, you are part of the ocean.”

When I was a child, like everybody else, I had this egocentric view of myself. It’s when I considered my actions to be solely bound for my own fulfillment, with little regard of its effects to the people and the situation around me. I know it comes with growing up because through the years, eventually I have developed a wider view and better interpretation of things. I learned that I am an essential element of the universe where my actions create rippling effects. I have learned that like a wave, I am not created to exist alone, that I should live as an integral part of the society. For example, I have determined well my roles and responsibilities as a young adult citizen. I know my civil responsibility of taking care of the environment which I manifest every single day by avoiding at all cost the use of non-biodegradable disposable materials like plastic. I know how an innocent single candy wrapper or a small piece of plastic bag from the grocery could be a significant contribution to the formation of a monstrous garbage mass, which could clog up the draining system of the metropolis, and eventually destroy precious lives when typhoon comes. With that, I have learned to act in accordance to what is going to be beneficial to myself, to the people around me and the society as whole.

Another meaning to this line from the movie is that my life, like waves, will eventually crash to nothing in the end, but crashing to nothing is something not be afraid of because it would nevertheless be making an impact. With this in mind, I would struggle to live well by doing socially-relevant acts – by being a life saver, being an advocate of nature, a writer who gives voice to the oppressed, an artist who inspires the hopeless – so that when my time to crash and disappear comes, I would make a colossal impact to the world which…...