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Tuips Case, Supply Chain

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Question 1.

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Question 2.

Project Layout, because Tuips produces machines on request of the customers. They assembly the machine on one central point in the factory. All the parts for assembly are arranged before the final assembly of the product. That is why we thought it is a project layout.

Question 3.

The CODP that Tuips is using is make-to-order and assemble-to-order. They produce different basic products out of raw materials. They also assemble the final products after the order is placed. Tuips is reacting, producing and assembling after a machine is already sold. Tuips is not an engineering-to-order, although they specify the product completely to customers their wishes, because Tuips does not change the design completely. The product remains to be a sprayer for agriculture.

Question 4.

The critical problem in the firm in our opinion is the manufacturing of steel parts themselves. It takes away the focus on the core operation which in the manufacturing and assembly of the frames and sprayers. Without the manufacturing of steel parts Tuips can focus more on the frames and sprayers which will improve the delivery time of the final product to the customer. The solution is to outsource the production of the necessary steel parts to another external company. Assuming that the company works solely with steel, the quality of the steel parts will be improved. Also the quality of the final product will improve because Tuips can focus on the manufacturing and assembly of the frame and sprayers, instead of producing the final product and manufacturing parts needed to assemble the final product. Now Tuips can focus solely on manufacturing the frame and assemble the sprayers.

Tobacco case

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Task 2
Tobacco has as process type...

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