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Tuition in College

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Rising Costs of College

College tuition is a hot topic these days. For a long time, people did not pay much attention to tuition. Today, things are changing. More and more people are realizing how high tuition has reached and now they want that to change. In this essay, I have tried to approach a very difficult topic. The problem with this topic was that while searching for facts and information I found that almost all of the information regarding it was attack after attack on the college administrations. I found no writings by college administrators attempting to defend themselves. When I started the research for my first paper this semester, I thought I would just be cruising through another English course, effortlessly composing the required essays, and looking over other peoples' thoughts on topics I could not care less about. That all changed when I discovered the truth about how much college tuition has gotten out of control over the years. Students have every right to be angry about the state of college tuition. In the past 20 years, "tuition increased twice as fast as the overall cost of living (Larson, 63)." Between 1980 and 1990, the average cost of attending public and private colleges increased by 109% and 146%, respectively “ (Hood, 10). To put these figures into perspective, we can compare them with other rising costs during the same 10-year period. Those who can afford these outrageous prices can usually also ignore it. As for the rest of us, when every penny counts, you want to know where every penny is going. The last cause for tuition inflation involves financial aid. Americans see college as an important key to being successful later in life. We also believe that, as Americans, we have a right to have the tools to become successful within our reach. Higher education is highly valued by most Americans, but, sadly, many cannot afford to...

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