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In preparation for my interview with Marie I will use the Douglas and McColgan (1999) model of tuning in. This will allow me to view Marie’s case holistically and have an awareness of her situation on a number of levels such as, legislation, policies and procedures, tuning into my own feelings and Marie’s, the skills I will use and the values that will underpin my work.
Three pieces of legislation relevant to this case are the Children (NI) Order 1995, The Human Rights Act (1998) and Mental Health (NI) Order 1986.
Article 3 of the Children (NI) Order 1995 states that the child’s welfare is paramount. This article gives the courts and health trusts permission to put the needs of the children above all else. When working with Marie I must ensure I adhere to this order and keep her children’s welfare the priority. (White, 2002).
There are a number of articles in the Human Rights Act that are relevant to Marie’s case: Article 8: the right to a private and family life, Article 5: the right to freedom and security and Article 3: no one should be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment. While I must work to uphold these rights, it is important I have an understanding of what circumstances or situations may warrant breaching these rights for example a disclosure about harm to Marie or her children.
The Mental Health (NI) Order (1986) covers assessment, treatment and the rights of people with mental ill health. It outlines the process of voluntary and compulsory detention in hospital and the threshold for making these decisions. This will be applicable to this case as Marie has experienced ongoing mental health difficulties and also spent time as an inpatient.
Policies and procedures.
The Northern Ireland Social Care Council outlines a code of practice that states social work students must “protect rights and promote interests of service...

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