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Turbo Kickboxing

Ryan Mendoza 12/SC MGT.100.SF1 Lydia Daniels 21APR12


Turbo Kickboxing Just like many other countless individuals, I too have spent my whole life struggling with weight loss. Throughout my entire life, my weight constantly fluctuated back and forth. Attempting various crazy diets and rigorous short-lived work out routines, I could not get my weight under control. It wasn’t until I discovered Turbo Kickboxing back in 2010 that I started to shed the pounds for good. A one hour cardio class that infused a blend of mixed martial arts with dance, I slowly began to drop the weight again, the right way. During this three year process, not only did I lose the weight, I had fun doing it. In 2012, I’ve managed to keep the weight off, get physically and mentally fit, gain more self-confidence, and make new friends. Turbo Kickboxing is a form of exercise that promotes a fun and healthy lifestyle change by allowing individuals to control their weight, develop muscle, and improve overall mental and physical performance. One of the main reasons I had gained so much weight was due to a crazy fad diet known as “The South Beach Diet”. As I understood, its purpose was to reset and retrain your metabolism. By immediately taking away bad foods, and slowly reintroducing healthy foods, it would cause your body to lose weight. Little did I know this drastic lifestyle change would be one that I couldn’t commit to. As real life continued to happen, I began to hit rough patches causing me to become an emotional eater. Not only did I gain all the weight back, but I almost doubled, reaching a staggering 200 pounds. This was the heaviest I had been in my whole life, and because I had altered my metabolism, it became even more difficult to lose the weight.

When I started going to Turbo Kickboxing, I had learned that weight loss was synonymous with working out AND...

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