"Turkey" Poem Explication

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Turkey Poem Explication
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This poem is about an older man reflecting on a moment in childhood. Paying specific attention to the actions of his parents, he describes a scene of his family routine and enjoying a day at the beach. The poem encompasses use of descriptive language, metaphors, and the exclusive use of symbolism. The use of negative connotations sets the tone of the piece as sad and rather insightful about understanding what he viewed as a child.
The poem is told by an adult who is reflecting on a childhood memory in a poor summer home with his dysfunctional family. The person sounds very perceptive in remembering little details of the house and his parent's actions in response to one another. He seems to value his family relationships, recalling this particular memory with some kind of fondness, especially for the home they stayed in. Because the narrator is telling the scene from his own point of view, the attitude the author takes in the poem is very significant. The attitude can sometimes be described as ironic, but mostly sad. The narrator is reflecting on this scene and seeing it from a different perspective, now that the narrator is an adult. For example the narrator comments, “How difficult it is to speak as I spoke then”. His attitude while he speaks directly affects the tone of the passage. The tone here can be described as rather opprobrious. The narrator uses more negative connotations that makes it obvious the narrator is not proud of or satisfied with his parents and their influence on him. The narrator remarks, “Their unhappiness was one of the constants of my earliest years, a high, unceasing buzz just beyond hearing”. Here the narrator expresses that his parents were constantly being marked by a deep unhappiness which in turn had such a significant impact on him that he felt the need to mention it. For example, the…...