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Turning Point In My Life

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The future is unpredictable and we never know when is the last chance to laugh, hug someone we love, or feel the moment. These thoughts were storming my mind one afternoon this summer when walking down one of the Moscow streets. Earlier that morning, I was expecting to have one more ordinary day spending time in Moscow with my mother, as everything was as usual: the sun was shining; the noisy constructions were going on all around, people were hurrying, and we were having our sweet and sometimes not so sweet conversations. That’s to say, with no special circumstances we were planning to visit a museum-gallery, have a dinner and spend the evening with friends. Nonetheless, in the evening I understood: this day was not usual but a special turning point in my life interpretation and understanding. …show more content…
when we, my mother and I, sitting around a dinner table were discussing our impression of the visit to the Tretyakov gallery, the best and richest art collection in Moscow. Afterwards, we decided to go for a walk to the nearest park. As it was not so far and there was traffic, we left our car and walked in the direction of the metro station. I still remember the sensation when the sun was nicely warming my shoulder while moving to the west, but the little evening wind was blowing, and I was enjoying the harmony in the air. The picture becomes complete when I remember the peace and easiness I secretly felt when holding hands with my mother, who is usually not physically near, and that same sensation of her touches keep me strong and motivated whenever we are not

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