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What was Susan Wolfe's thesis meaning "arises from loving objects worthy of love and engaging with them in a positive way"
Susan Wolfe Bipartite
Means 2 parts (subject and object)
Susan Wolfe Endoxic
Accepted by everyone
Why is Wolfe's essay considered endoxic?
Subject finds passion, object engaging in passion
2 main reason's for bipartite view
-Subjective only = doesn't discriminate enough
-Objective only = Reasons for caution
-1/other leaves too much out
Baraka Movie, 3 definitions
Breath of Life in Dwelling, Blessing, indwelling
Emerson's movement
Emerson and importance of water lecture
Boston @ Athenaeum (love of knowledge)
History of Emerson (4 steps)
1. Pastor
2. Married Ellen Tucker
3. Ellen dies
4. Emerson opens Ellen's tomb (sees sunrise the next day)
Importance of Polarity
Action and Reaction (Newton's 3rd law)
4 Main Points of Compensation
1. Proper Understanding of a person
2. Derives from polarity/balance
3. Learn laws through acting and observing
4. Growth comes from understanding and awareness of compensation
Philosophy's Responsibility according to Arthur Schopenhauer
Tell full truth
2 reasons to not believe in an all good, all wise and all powerful being
1. Obvious imperfections of humans
2. The misery that's everywhere
What misery and suffering is caused by and the way to redemption and the way to end suffering
Way of redemption is deny the will. Will to live
Schopenhauer's 4 steps to awakening
1. Understand Happiness is negative
2. Admit the futility of current approach
3. Turn away from current approach
4. Rebuild self by:
-Regulating Expectations
-Getting Proper Perspective
Sangha in Buddhism?
Buddhist Community
Dharma (Buddhism) teaching of the Buddha
What were Buddha's last words?
1. Decay's inherit in all things
2. Conditioned things break down
3. Subject to decay are…...

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