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Turquoise Waters


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Turquoise water, white sandy beach, being watched by a beautiful sunny sky, on a cloudless day. White sandy beach stretching as far as the eyes can see, lined by the turquoise water in different shades. This describes a visit to the beach, which is clean and pristine at Treasure Cay, Abaco in The Bahamas. Viewing the beach located at Treasure Cay is one of the most breathtaking experiences of any human being, weather natives to The Bahamas or Tourist from all over the world. Bursting with beauty, the last shade of turquoise out into the deep water is awesome to say the least. To make it all more breathtaking is the fact that you can see the bottom of the water to sand because of the clearness of the water. The water is not dirty or muddy at all but as clean as see through glass. Treasure Cays beach if filled with glorious beauty.

Even though I was born in The Bahamas, each time I visit the beach at Treasure Cay, its beauty energizes me. Treasure beach is rated as one of the world’s top ten most beautiful beaches. The Treasure Cay beach has lured many tourist and investors alike to this Island over the years. Treasure Cay can boast of a striving economy and many foreign homeowners from around the world because of the beach there. Second homeowners visit for at least six month out the year, calling Treasure Cay their second home because of the beach.

The beach at Treasure Cay welcomes natives as well as tourist to its destination. The beach host picnics, parties, weddings and other forms of entertainment including the popular roasting of a whole pig weekly. The Ministry of Tourism encourages our visitors to have their wedding ceremonies at the beach. The beach is a gem to have included as a part on one’s most memorial occasion, a wedding. One can experience a spectacular wedding celebration. The couple getting married can have a choice of settings, which are not limited on the beach. They can use their imagination because of the space availability at the beach. Local bridal consultants are on hand to provide the couple with a most romantic wedding. Wedding vows can be said on the beach under swaying palm trees, gazebos, and a moonlight garden or on a wedding hall on the beach. The sunset throughout The Bahamas is one that we can brag about. Having the pleasure of watching the sunset over the glassy sea at the beach on Treasure Cay is one that would be cherished by anyone.

Besides boasting of an excellent thriving economy due to the beach at Treasure Cay, there are also annual fishing tournaments held several times a year. This is part of the attraction to invite foreign investment to the Island. The mariners have hundreds of yachtsmen for these occasions. The fishing tournament brings natives and tourist in from around the world for one to two weeks at a time. During this period entertainment is provided nightly on a large scale. The days find tourist on the sea, fishing for big game fish, while others flock to the beach for their enjoyment of swimming and the Treasure Cay beach experience.

The dining experience can also be an exhilarating, as a whole pig roasting on the beach at night is a popular event. The tourist enjoy eating this delicacy. The meat from the roasted pig is succulent and delicious. As the sun sets in the evening, a bonfire is light, to compliment the pig roasting, and this sets of and enhances the beauty the experience. The local junkanoo group then entertains the tourist on the beach at this time also. The junkanoo groups perform using goatskin drums that are made by natives of The Bahamas. The natives also make their costumes out of crepe paper in different colors and painted to cardboard. They make clothing for their bodies, and headgear out of the same material. Junkanoo is a Bahamian culture, where music and dancing are performed for tourist. Young and old alike perform in these groups. Tourist and spectators do get involve and participate also.

The Treasure Cay beach experience in The Bahamas is one that will be remembered by anyone visiting this Island in The Bahamas. If one visits the beach daily, it will still be overwhelming and breathtaking. The fact that persons from all over the world have continually visited Treasure Cay gives evidence to the fact that Treasure Cay is truly one of the most beautiful pristine beaches in the world. The development of treasure Cay from its inception, before there was a road, before it became a community was based solely on the beach. The rapid growth and investments that make Treasure Cay the thriving community that is it today owes itself to the beach that is there. Treasure Cay beach was a diamond in the rough back in the 1950’s. It was discovered from being a deep dark secret by pilots flying over the area, had a bright idea to use the area to invite tourist to visit, and afterwards bringing in investors to develop the area. It took a while for the discovery of the settlement nestled in a harbour with its beauty, but once discovered it has been the spectacular sight of anyone who visits it.

If one is feeling blue, a visit to the Treasure Cay beach is sure to lift the spirit and elevate it to a higher level of good feeling. The beauty of the beach at Treasure Cay can be compared to a bottomless pit, in which one can never get too much of looking at the beach, and the beach’s beauty will never run out. Watching the sunset at Treasure Cay beach paints the sky with vibrant colors. A picture can paint a thousand words, and so can the sunset at Treasure Cay beach. Treasure Cay beach visited at anytime, day or night captures the beauty of the beholder. The Treasure Cay beach is never a disappointment when viewed by anyone. The content of the beach at Treasure Cay is unwavering and lovely as any beach ever seen anywhere in the world.

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