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Tuscola Technology Center, Caro, Mi

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Business Plan Assignment
Tuscola Technology Center, Caro, MI
This assignment will take most students four to six weeks to complete but can be adjusted to fit individual needs. Upon completion students will complete a working business plan that can be created alone or in groups. Students wishing to become sole proprietors should work alone, while others considering partnerships and corporations should work in groups with one to three participants.
This lesson plan is in line with Marketing Education Resource Standards where several performance indicators are met. Additionally, the lesson is also in line with core academics.
• English Language Arts – Students will work to complete a polished plan that will require extensive research and revision. The entire process will require many drafts. Instructors should meet with students one on one and suggest spelling and grammar changes until the work is of professional quality. Students will also place their finished work into a PowerPoint project that they will deliver to the class where they will demonstrate professional literacy and communication skills.
• Math – Students will learn about pricing, markup, and advanced financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow. One requirement will be to complete a working 3 month income statement.
Each section of the lesson plan includes performance indicators and specific assignments that students must master before completing each written section of the business plan.
This is an excellent assignment which will help students to understand the work that goes into a business plan. Only professional quality work will be accepted.

Business Plan Assignment
Part One: Introduction
Teacher Notes: Provide examples online or in print of executive summaries. Have students evaluate the effectiveness of each summary. Have...

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